Needle Gauge for TRT Injection

I use a 23g 1.5in. For my TRT injection every 3.5 days. I want to try using a 25g or 26g. Anyone here have any experience using a high gauge needle or even insulin needles?

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I use to do 23 1.5 needles, but couldn’t take it anymore and changed to insulin needles 30g SUBQ… oh my god how painless and easy the shots are. Only down side is it takes a lot of time to draw the test out.

I would also wait and see what guys suggest I’m still a newbie learning like the most of us!

Did you see this from Nov 11?

Many are using #29 0.5ml 1/2" insulin needles for SC or IM. Slow to load, injection time is OK.
Use same for hCG or #31 5/16"

Could use the 23 to draw and backloads the insulin needle

I’ve been doing the 23G 1" for years now twice a week into the glute. I’m too impatient to wait for a higher gauge needle to draw, and I’ve never had a problem with scar tissue.

Thank you everyone for their replies. I am also new to TRT and this forum. For me personally I would rather use a higher gauge but is there a difference in effectiveness with SC vs. IM injections?

The dose is 100% adsorbed either way. SC/SQ absorbs slower creating smoother levels.

I do not like this idea because of:

  • some T wasted
  • opportunity for contamination and infection
  • more syringe disposal issues
  • increased cost
  • transfer syringes require Rx, insulin needles do not need an Rx in most USA and CDN jurisdictions
  • insulin syringes are ~$14 per 100 at USA Walmart and Sam’s stores
  • insulin syringes attract a lot less attention from LE and border inspectors
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Thank you KS MAN. I will try a 29g 1/2 SC. I’ve been injecting 23g 1.5in test cyp. in my quads and alternating sides. Can I continue injecting in my quads with 29g 1/2 in. SC?

The whole contamination and such is overblown when in context with the U.S. or Canada, unless your a bum with no concept of safe transfer also depending on the gear used the “waste” should be neglible. Just my opinion and thought to the question asked.

Anyone ever try loading a syringe with test cyp. and run it under hot water when using a higher gauge needle or when using an insulin needle? I heard running the syringe under hot water will make the test cyp. less thick so cyp. will flow easier through the needle.

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Run the vial under hot water holding vial with hand so it dont get too hot, also wash top off with alcohol then draw.
The nurse at my trt doc who showed me how to do im injections ; ; told me this will break down any crystallization also.

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Does not exist.

Thanks she also told me not to store vial in fridge as this causes cystalization, i used to this all the time with no trouble.

Crystals or no crystals will running the syringe under hot/warm water thin the test cyp. making it flow faster through the needle?

i use 25 gauge 1" needles, glute. I did some subQ and it leaves a little bit of a lump.

If u use 25g 1" in the quad will that still be I’M? Or is that too short for IM?

Flows fast enough when injecting as the tiny piston of a 0.5ml syringe develops very high pressures.

Slow to load because pressure limit to atmospheric pressure less vapor pressure of the benzyl alcohol. That vapor pressure goes up with warmth, so net gain is not know.

I have been injecting #29 for 10 years and never needed to warm the T. Do what you like, but I do not want to have others thinking that this is important.