Needle Gauge for Testosterone Cypionate

What gauge needles are commonly used?

Everyone is different but the larger the needle the more prone you are to developing scar tissue.

I personally use an 18g to draw and a 1/2" 25g needle to inject into my delts once a week

I was told to inject into my quads. If injecting into the quadriceps does that change what gauge is used?

Most my life i did quads and glutes with 23g.

Now i do 25g. Means less of a needle but also means more of it, as with a 23g you can do 2-3ccs in a single shot. The 25g is small but its also just 1cc, so on a good blast its still like 3-4 pins.

I like 27 gauge 1/2" insulin pins. I inject lats.

I’ve often thought about doing my lats but I’m hesitant. Any nerve or bleeding issues?

Quads can have a lot of issues with hitting a vein or a nerve. When you hit those nerves, it can make your muscles twitch. Not really fun. If you have somebody to inject you, delts are great, after that your glutes are probably your next best place

Lats have been my best spot. I haven’t gotten PIP even injecting 1 mL at a time. I do think for some people (people who are 20+% BF) that 1/2" might not be enough. It isn’t all that hard to do on your own either (it seems many think it is a tough spot). If you can put on your own deodorant, I think you could do it.

I had a buddy that just ran his second cycle. He was really complaining about PIP in the glutes. I told him to try lats. He didn’t take that advise initially, but eventually he tried it. He said for him he got PIP the first couple shots, but after that it was better than glutes.

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