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Needle Didn't Go in All the Way


Last night I was injecting a syringe with Tren Ace and Test Prop in it. I got distracted or something, I don't really have an explanation, but at one point I looked down and it seemed pretty clear that the needle was not making it into the muscle like it should. I must have let it come out a little. I am guessing about half of the gear I injected didn't go in properly.

I'm not clear on what happens in this situation. Does the gear go to waste or will I eventually utilize it? If the former is true, I will probably bump up tonight's dose to make an attempt to compensate.



Oil based steroids injected into fat will eventually get absorbed. At a significantly slower rate though. There is a bigger risk for an abscess I believe, so keep an eye on it. Shallow injections tend to hurt more also.

Just pay attention to the area for a little while and proceed with the rest of the shots normally.


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on it.