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Needle Choice?

are 1cc ultra thin fine for injecting? i think they’re meant for insulin but would they be capable of doing hte job?

water based yes.
oil based not really. It will work but will take a long time to complete the injection.

Go with 25G 1" syringes minimum.


fill it up and let me know how long it took you

Absolutely 29 gauge is fine for injection.

As for time to fill, all that’s needed is to remove the plunger and fill from the back with a separate for example 23 gauge syringe. This also keeps the insulin needle sharp.

On taking longer, about 30 seconds for one cc, to inject, this is an advantage not a disadvantage.

Good question. I am about to do first my cycle and I was wondering the same thing. I know someone that did a cycle using insulin
needles and he said it was fine. I unfortunately can’t fine anything larger than syringes with 0.5" 29 gauge pins, and 1 cc cases. I am still a bit hesitant to use them.

1/2" length is fine, provided the area being injected into doesn’t have thick covering of fat. Actual penetration is probably deeper than the nominal, because the base of the syringe is pushed perhaps another 1/4" into the skin, so real penetration might be near 3/4".

Whatever it is, it’s sufficient for thighs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, etc. unless pretty fat at the location.

Actually this question brings up a useful aspect of a dull needle: when the needle is dull, you can feel the point where it breaks through the muscle fascia. Once past that point, it’s an IM injection: prior to that, it’s going to be sub-Q (not good for oil-based injections.) The point of breaking through the fascia typically is easily reached with the 1/2" needle and then with a little further travel to spare.