Needing to Eating More After SARM Cycle?

So I just ran my first cycle of anything being rad140 at 10mgs for 8 weeks and it worked really really well lmao… anyways I’ve been off cycle for about a week now and I’m only taking a mild herbal pct since I wasn’t really concerned about losing too much gains from a rather mild sarm dosage. I honestly still feel, look, and am performing great but one thing that is confusing me is the fact that I’m now having to eat significantly more calories to maintain my bodyweight. I expected that with an increased metabolism on cycle I would now need less calories if anything? I was chilling around 2400 on cycle and now I’m having to eat basically near 3000 it seems for maintenance. Why would this be happening?

Are you asking why gaining additional muscle would require you to eat more calories? Because the first law of thermodynamics should about cover that.