Needing to Come Off TRT After 3 Months. Advice Needed

Hi all,
First things first, Big thanks to this community as most of you contribute in a very positive manner to the sport of fitness. Thanks!

I was put on Fortesta gel (40 MG daily) for low T. roughly 3 months ago. I am overseas now, and unfortunately unable to get my prescription filled as I am changing locations very sporadically without much “heads-up”. I am not able to have any communication with my healthcare provider, and my medical assets currently available to me are not trained in the area of TRT. Question: is there an issue stopping treatment 3 months in? Should I “taper” off? Should I ask around and search out any type of transitional aid like a PCT of sorts?

Thank you in advance for your advice!

12 weeks is kind of a grey area. You could stop cold turkey, and you would probably feel like crap for a couple weeks to months. Ideally you would get on a HCG protocol to get your natural production starting again. I don’t think tapering will help. It’s either a replacement dose or nothing. Taking a micro dose is just going to make things worse.

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I stopped TRT cold turkey in April 2019 and was expecting a big crash, it never came and was a slow 8 month decline. If you can get a hold of clomid and HCG, you can restart fairly easily.

Restart protocol: HCG 300-400iu daily X 14 days, FOLLOWED by Clomid 25mg daily X 28 days (6 week cumulative regimen).

From your message I understand you can’t get a T script? You can try restart but my assumption is you were put on a script for low T. A restart is unlikely to improve that, if anything you may be even lower. Do you intend to just live with the low T?