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Needing Some Help


I don't know if this is the right forum, however I'm a little lost and the Beginners section doesn't have what I was looking for..

I am looking into getting into Bodybuilding. I am 5'8" and right now I'm 175lbs..

I recently broke my back and all my fingers in a motorcycle accident and have spent the last 4 months recuperating. I have spend days on this site looking for a suitable program yet I just don't know where to start

I use to use the 10x3 and 20 rep squats a couple years back so I have some weight lifting experience.

I guess my question is I'm looking for a program that I can start being relativity new to lifting weights again (I have been doing pull ups/push ups for the rehabilitation) that can get me started down this road again

If this is the wrong thread I apologize and would love w/e direction I can get too

Thank you


My two favorite programs for newbies:

Ian King - Super Strength
Ian King - Limping

Do it, and you will have a solid foundation to build from.


Regardless of whether you want ot get into bodybuilding or whatever, just build up your base level of strength first and put some quality mass onto yourself.

Find a program that is based on the big compound lifts. If it doesn’t have dl, back squats and bench it’s not good. Add to those a compound- horizontal pull, vertical (overhead) push and a vertical pull and you’ve got yourself a program.

Stick to lower rep ranges in the early stages to focus on strength. Strength=size, you can worry about hypertrophy specific programs later.

Diet is half the battle. Look up articles and start eating. Aim for 1.5grams of protein per lb of bw. Aim to add about 1lb of bodyweight a week.

I personally vote 1 for starting strength, buy the book and get reading. Or if you’re cheap visit the wikipedia online. Sorry can’t think of the site just google “starting strength wiki” and you’ll find it.

Or stronglifts can be very good too, it’s basically a rip off of starting strength with extra volume and a few “assistance” exercises tacked on. www.stronglifts.com

Hope this helps.