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Needing Some Gear

Ya I called a tube steak boogie on a guy in a bar last weekend. He didn’t look too thrilled at all…

11 posts and most of them about drugs.

I’ve had some purely academic interest in the meds and thier use in bodybuilding and I’ve learned the two most important thing: Go to the nutrition area and read then figure out how to make it work for your body. Go to the training area and read then figure out how to make it for your body.

Sorry, no chemical is going to do it for anyone if they don’t have the nutrition and exercise going for them.

Try that first.

If you are just ignorant read the newbie thread and then ask your question again. If you read the thread you will get a better response.

If you are a cop at least take the time to read the newbie thread. If you read the info you might change your mind about why you’re here.

If you are a moron go find the biggest guy in the gym and ask him to kick you in the nuts because it will be less expensive and less harmful than actually doing a cycle when you have no idea what you are doing.