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Needing Opinions on Pre-Cycle Labs

Hi guys, I’m about to start a test, deca, dbol cycle and wanted your opinions on my labs. I’m on cruise at 200mg test cyp weekly and take 1mg arimidex currently. I also take 6gr fish oil, cholest off, cycle assist, tudca, and coq10 daily. My cholesterol looks good as does most other things. The only thing I’m concerned about might be glucose, albumin and a/g ratio. I drank about 1/4 of a bang before the test (slipped my mind) and fasted about 7ish hours. Thanks for your help!
btw- 35 years old

I bet you’d feel a good bit better if you supplemented sublingual methylated B12. I had similar numbers as you and it had made a major difference. Plus at $8 for 2 months worth it’s worth a try.

My B12 levels were mid range when I started supplementing with Methylcobalamin and it’s made a world of difference.

Here’s the one I’ve found the best results with.
1000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual

You may want to get a full iron panel done in the future including ferritin just to see where you are.

I posted bloods here a few weeks ago and all I got was a response with some guy trying to shill me on some iron tablets. Can anyone give me a gtg or not on a test deca dbol cycle? thanks in advance
35 yo
cruising on test cyp 200mg w/ 1mg arimidex weekly