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Needing Help

Hey t-peeps. Ok i need some help i have a seven week break from school where i will have nothing that will distract me from my training. So i want to get shreaded like tim shreaded. U know the look, sixer with vascularity and the cuts.
here is my plan so far starting on monday (start of seven week holiday)my diet will be 1700 cals with a ratio of prot/fat/carbs at 45/45/10 every day but on the third week i will do a carb up day .

My training will be three times a week with weights and in the mornings i will most likely do some sort of combat conditioning or warrior training with some pavel ladder training for the chinups .Wieght routine will look like this:
Monday : deadlift 55, barbell rows 55
Wednesday: Bench 55, dips 55, curls 36
Friday : squat 5
5, cleans 5*5,
warmup for workouts 12 1.5 min rounds on the heavy bag .
My current stats are 172 lbs and 14-15% bf at a hieght of 6 foot with a medium build i’m 16 years of age with two years t-mag style training under my belt but a couple more years of pissing about so i’m not a newbie but am always willing to learn!!

So t-peeps any suggestions would be helpful and i will probablly need some support in this as it is the lowest bf % i have ever aimed for
also if you need any more info i would be happy to fill u in!!

Your weight training will do a good job of helping you keep strength. But if you want to get truly shredded, be sure to do a lot of cardio! You’ll need to do 30 minutes a day after your weight workouts and another 45 minutes a day on your off days. You seem to have nutrition down, but that may need tweaking as well. Adding T2 and MD6 to the mix will help you tremendously.

I dont think you’re starting off eating enough calories. You will be able to get more shredded in the long run if you decrease your caloric intake in increments…rather then immediately drop down to a really low caloric intake (and I’d consider 1700 pretty low for a 174 lb guy) to lose weight faster like 99% of the population does, why not figure out how many calories you need per day and start with a modest deduction? In the former scenario you’ll lose weight really quick for a few weeks but a lot of it will be muscle and then your metabolism will get stuck and you’ll be starving yourself to maintain bodyweight. In the latter scenario the weight comes off slower but with more pleasantry and permanence.

thanx nate i kinda thought you would have been one of the first to respond cuase u and i train very alike from what i gather from most of your posts.Any ways would the t-2 still be applicable for me even though i am 16. Do you think that all that cardio is nessary as i am doing the warrior /combat conditioning training in the mornings and also i am doing roughly twenty mins of boxing before my wieghts but your reply got me thinking maybe i should do some interval sprinting and the likes on the off day for cardio as i’m predominately interested in becoming fast strong and ripped .One last thing do you think my wieght routine would possible help me improve my strebgth rather than maintain it. my current lifts are: deadlift 308 lbs squat 300 lbs bench 180 lbs yeah i know it sucks and cleans 180 lbs those are all for sets of 2-3 reps. any more input wold be lovely. Thanx . Oh and it is my intention to post some pics after i get through with this, so in saying that i have made a commitment to staying true to my goals as i can’t let fammily down now can I !!!

I may not be the best person for this question, but isn’t 172lbs at 6’ a little too skinny? I understand that you want to get shredded, but, no offense, you would look like a crackhead. With only 24lbs of fat, you should focus on gaining muscle. Just make sure you do cardio and not cycle your growth phase for too long (I.E. 365 days, like some people). I think once you put on some muscle and include cardio, you should actually lose some fat. Look at Chris Shugart, who at 5’11, 200lbs, and at 6% bodyfat. That equates to 12lbs of fat, whereas you have 24. Losing 12lbs of fat for a 16y/o would not be a problem. Also, try not to include too much into your program. The combat conditioning and the heavy strength training may be too much.

Good question about the T2. I’m not sure if there is an “age restriction” about its use. I’d contact Biotest customer service and find out if it’s okay. Even though you’re boxing and doing combat conditioning, you may still need extra cardio. I still can’t imagine you needing to lose much weight to get shredded. At 6’1" and 174lbs, you should already be pretty damn lean. I’ve seen some photos of Timbo, and he is your height and 160lbs. He is way too small for his size. And he has more cuts than many professional bodybuilders. And he also has that thin skin. But he would look a lot better at about 180 with his current bodyfat percentage.

And Kelly made a good suggestion about your calories. Do it slowly! I have been SLOWLY dieting down. I went from 3,000 calories a day to 2,500 for two weeks, then down to 2,000 for two weeks, and now I'm getting about 1,700-2,000 a day. This has enabled me to still increase strength (or at least maintain it) while leaning out. If you cut calories as much as you do, I'm sure you will lose some strength. If you do it slowly, you can probably keep increasing strength. You're doing good on squats and deads. Bench isn't bad, but definitely should be higher. Which means you may need more tricep, shoulder and upper back work. Be sure to prioritize your weaknesses. And I'll look forward to seeing new photos of you in the near future. I'll have some ready to go in a month.

Right thanks for the suggestions guys. kelly i think that you are right about my cals being a bit low so i am now thinking about bringing them up to arround 2200-2400 and then each week dropping them to each week by around 200 that would bring me in at 1700 cals a day in around 4.5 weeks from now, that being said i like to keep the carbs at around the 50g mark as it helps me get lean.
Bronx and Nate i know that that 174 lbs sounds skinny but believe me it aint i have what apears to be alot of muscleits just that i would rather get a ripped before going on a bulking phase.My end goal is to be 185 lbs at around 6% bf with the strength to go with it, but i realise that you cannot achieve this all at once so it will be a case of cutting down to 6-85 then some mass gaining then finally some cutting again, but at the moment i am concentrating all my efforts on cutting. also you said that the heavy wieghts and the combat conditioning might be too much so i will try it and see how my body reacts if it does so addversally i will make allterations accordingly .

nate my cardio options are hill running, track work running with a weighted sled or back pack a concept too rower and some cycleing or my fav mountain biking. what would you suggest ?
thanx guys i am looking forward to any more info you can through my way that has helped you to get shreaded!!
good workouts to yah all

When it comes to cardio for fat loss, I believe duration is more important than intensity. So you may want to rethink some of your ideas. Most of what you want to do is going to be intense. Leave that to your heavy weight training. I would stick to something like biking, skating, swimming, jogging or stadiums for fat loss. Something you can do for at least 30 minutes and up to 45 minutes at a moderate intensity.

I mix things up. I will mountain bike for 1-2 hours, in-line skating 45-60 minutes, sprint (6-10, 50-yard sprints, sometimes alternated with jogging), swimming, stairmaster, stadiums or some other activity. My problem has been consistency. As some days, I run out of time or something comes up and I'm unable to do my cardio. I still get at least 3-4 days of cardio each week. For example, on Monday I weight trained and skipped the stairmaster. Tuesday I went biking and did a quick weight workout for fun, Wednesday I lifted and skated for an hour. Today, depending on the weather, I'll go biking, swimming or something else. Friday, I'll hit the weights and do 20 minutes on the stairmaster. Sat and Sun are free days and I usually do something outside...biking, swimming, volleyball, running, etc.