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Needing Help with Schedule/Energy


So about 3 times a week, i work a 16 hour day (7-3 full time job, 330-9 part time job). At the end of the day, im absolutely exhausted, zero energy, and no motivation to train.

I wanna fix this. Basically, im asking for any supplements i can use to help me get going through the day/pre workout. Maybe a program that lets me get in/get out the gym.

Currently run a 16/8 IF diet, with john romaniellos super hero workout.


There are all kinds of stimulants you could take to give you some extra energy, but a 16 hour day is going to be brutal no matter what. Can’t you just train on your less hectic days? There are even 2x week training programs that can help you progress when you have very little time.


Its a tough one for sure, the 16 hour days fuck a lot up. I was looking at 3x a week splits, any suggestions?


correction, i was looking at 3x a week fully body workouts. can those be as successful as splits?


I’m hardly an expert on training (check my log for much confirmation), but lots of people train with splits and lots of people train full body. I don’t think any of it is a deal breaker, especially for a newer lifter. For what it’s worth, I just started this program: https://www.T-Nation.com/workouts/lift-3-days-a-week-and-grow and I like it so far, but I’m literally on Day 2.

Anyway, I checked out the thread you started in the BSL forum that turned into some kind of Madcow/Bodybuilding split argument. That probably wasn’t helpful for you at all, LOL! It just seems like you need to pick something and do it at this stage. Your schedule is a limiting factor, but it’s not insurmountable. Just get out of your own head and take some action.


i just went with john romaniellos super hero workout, dont get me wrong, loved the advice i got on that thread, but i eventually got so confused.

love the super hero workout, but with my 16 hour shifts im so gassed that i cant even get it done.


No program is going to be a good program for you if it doesn’t fit with your real life. If you have 3 days you honestly cannot train (a 16 hour work day is a pretty good reason to not train), then you need to find a program that will fit your schedule.


the program you put up looks pretty decent though in all honesty.