Needing Advice

OK. Here we go. Im currently 230lbs. I worked out constantly for 2-3 years. Last year I got stuck in a bad gym and just didn’t like it at all. I stoped lifting for about a year.

I finally got away from this gym and joined back at my old gym. Now I work 12hour shifts so I don’t get to lift everyday due to the fact its so late when I get off work. When I go to the gym I don’t have a partner and the gym is usually empty so I can’t go as heavy as I want to without a spotter.

Also I have nobody to help me get motivated. Im hoping that by hanging around here I can get myself motivted from reading and posting on the boards.

Here is my problem. When I quit lifting last year I was 210lbs and felt great about myself. Well last year my diet went to shit. Now I believe I have my diet back in check. Here it is.

I have a protein shake when I get up first thing in the morning. I have a bowl of high protien cereal with skim milk about 1-2 hours later. 2-hours later I may eat a few small pieces of beef jerky for a snak. Lunch consist of a 98% fat free ham,lite bread,fat free cheese,and mustard. I also eat some raw carrots and broccoli with this. ( I may use some veggie dip) then about 2 hours later I will have an apple.

Dinner consist of usualy grilled chicken,broiled fish or a salad. If im in a rush I will have a low fat meal. (lean cuisien,healthy choice) then before bed I have another protien shake.

Workout looks like this. One week I get in the gym twice a week. the next week I can get in there 4 times a week. On the days I can’t get to the gym I do 30 mins of cardio on the treadmill here at home. The days im in the gym I try to get 30 mins of cardio in when I get home but sometimes I can’t.

My goal is to shed this excess body fat that im carrying around from being off for the past year and eating like crap.I would like to lose 10-20lbs of fat. Do you guys see anything I should change or does this look fine?

Should I try using something like HOT-ROX to help me or should I just keep up what im doing?

Flame Away!
Thanks in advance for all help! (I need it)

From first glance it appears that you aren’t getting any real quantities of fats.

Your body needs fats. Especially those essential fats. Taking something like fish oil would probably help you achieve your goals. Actually, check out the new FLAMEOUT product on this site.

I didn’t add up the calories, but it also sounds like you aren’t eating all that much. If you aren’t eating much, and you aren’t getting any fats, your body is going to shut down it’s metabolism.

Do good workouts. Eat well. See how things go from there. Once your diet and workout is in order, then supplements are more likely to help you out.

Anyway, just a real cursory look, sorry if I’ve misread anything.

I was trying to elimate alot of fats so I can try to lose fat. What does fish oil actually do for the body? Whats is purpose?
Thanks for you guys help


There’s a funny thing about your body, eating GOOD fats actually helps your body burn bodily fat. I know it sounds weird but dietary fat and body fat are not neccessarily the same thing. Good fats are not the kind of fat you find in a McDonald’s cheeseburger or a double-chocolate brownie. It is hard to get those good fats just in your diet, which is why we take fish oil.