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Im 6 feet 185 pounds. Here’s my story. For all my life i was NEVER any more than 130 lbs. Until last year i quit smoking and started lifting. So i went out and bought a body solid weight bench (db46), an olympic bar and 100 lbs in weight. Then i stopped in oct and started again in march. From oct till now ive gained all the weight from eating REAL good. Most of its in my legs, rear and stomach. Since then ive gone from benching 75 to being able to do 2 reps of 145 (everything i have) My arms have gone from 12" to 14.5" (WOW). Cant get my abs to do anything even with situps and a few crunches, (Along with that stupid ab wheel thing). Now heres my major want to know (along with how to get my abs to respond) The center of my chest goes straight to the sternum. But the outer is solid and muscle (tiny bit of weight on it from gaining so much weight over the past year). I want to bring out my chest some more instead of the way it looks now (which is concave in the middle) I need LOTS of help and would prefer to be able to read it ALL in one spot, instead of having to go everywhere on the net to find out. My comp’s been acting funny.

Look to the left of where you posted your stuff. There’s a button labeled “Perform Search”. Type in a query above it and learn away!!

I would stop benching on a flat bench and start doing incline benching. (Also, I’m a little confused by your ‘stats. I too am approx 6’ and 185…how much bf do you have?) When I started incline benching, my chest started to expand out more…in other words i looked bigger in a tight shirt. Is that the effect you want? I have no idea why your chest is ‘caved in’…if it’s not a medical problem then forget about flat bench for now…or do it once in a while…but concentrate on inclines.

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Start reading back-issues. Begin the FAQ linked off the main page.

Now, I could tell you all about movements that stress the insertion points of your pecs, like dumbbell flys, but somehow I imagine that’s not what you need right now.


So, let’s see:

You gained 55 pounds in one year, mainly by eating right and quitting smoking… Not bad.

You now have a two-rep-maximum on bench of about 80% of your bodyweight… Very bad.

Most of your gains have come in the lower body, but you put two and a half inches on your arms… Not bad.

Can’t get your abs to “come out”… That’s called bodyfat. Get rid of some of it.

And you don’t want to go all over the net searching for information.

Well, you’re in luck. Everything you need is right here at T-mag. Just go over to the left there and do a search (under “T-mag”, not the forums) for Dawg School articles, 5x5, and Berardi. And start reading. You’ll be up to speed in no time.

Damn. I know that you’re happy to have found this place, because it answers every one of the questions you had. Nice when life works out like that, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

no comment.

Ok read the beginners blast off program and im going to incorporate all of it into my routine. Most likely just going to change my entire routine. Cause i dont work my Tri’s at all, NOR do i even touch my back except with a few bent over rows. Im trying to think of what i can do pull up’s on because i dont currently have anything to do them on. Would LOVE to have my lat’s start growing. Now, what i mean is that i want my chest to start getting the square look, instead of being able to tell that it goes in in the center.

And another thing, id like my body to use the fat storage that i have for healing purposes after hypertrophy occurs. (IF that makes any sense at all) Is this something that is possible or do i still have to purchase protein shake mix and creatine and what not. I do take vitamins, GNC’s mega men vitamins. And i do eat pretty well, except i dont eat breakfast and i heard your body floods your system with something after so many hours of not eating, which from what i hear negates certain positive effects. I dont know.

Ok, I’m gonna say this without trying to sound like a prick (there’s a first time for everything).

You’re horribly ignorant about training, nutrition, and supplementation. There’s nothing wrong with being ignorant, but you should do all that you can to rectify that and become educated about the subject at hand.

Go the the FAQ section that you can access from the main page and read everything in it. You’re on the right track with training in using the Beginner’s Blastoff Program. Now, go read everything written by John Berardi and Lonny Lowery for your nutrition info. There are tons of articles in the previous issues section dealing with supplementation as well.

Read, read, read, read, read, read. It’s all here for the taking if you’re willing to put in a little effort. Good luck.

I think you should just double your bench press. Your chest will look different, I guarantee it.