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Needing Advice

I’m 28 yrs old 5’10" 208 lbs body fat 17% (according to an online calculator.

I’ve done 3 cycles. 1st oral anabol. 2nd test e. 3rd sustanon 250. pct nolva

I’ve been doing a lot of lurking before my next cycle because it’s starting to seem like every “supplier” I run into are fucking idiots. You guys on here have been very useful in answering many of my questions and I thank you and respect you guys for being blunt and truthful.

next cycle

6 weeks of test cyp 1-6 250mg E3D
6 weeks of test e 6-12 250mg E3D
8 weeks of tren ace 2-10 100mg E3D
liquid exemestane throughout because I’m gyno prone.
PCT arimidex
My goal is to bulk up. Already eating as much beef, chicken, rice, potato, spinach and beans as I can handle plus two protein shakes a day.

My story (I’ll keep this as short as possible)
1st supplier handed me pills in zip lock bags told me what they were and how to take them.

1st supplier again hands me a vial of test e. I couldn’t even read the label yet again I trusted him.
2nd supplier hands me sust 250 tells me pin once a week 250mg for 10 weeks. Take 3 weeks off, then pin for three more with no pct. But I got nolva anyway. plus he ripped me off!

3rd supplier gives me tren ace and test cyp. I wanted to stack in dbol but he suggested 1000mgs of test per week and gave me test e. BUT! when I finally track the guy down he says his guy labeled it tren e but it’s really test e because of the white cap!??

So my question is. So I trust a guy I’ve met twice? and has anyone dealt with SL (don’t want to give the full name) and know if “a white cap” means test e?? or have I been swindled again.

I’d show you but I don’t know if I’m allowed to post a pic of the gear…

                                               thanks guys

1st was oral anadrol not anabol… sorry fellas

SL is too vague…

Buy online don’t buy from people at gym or whatever.

I’ve found a couple online sources and considering taking that route. Looked at a site and they have a list of sources and ratings from members. just a little nervous to pull the trigger. I figured getting gear through a live person rather than over a computer screen would be more legit.

eatliftsleep I appreciate the opinion.

optheta thanks for the advice. I’m almost certain the middle man asked for the wrong shit and tried to play it off.

pm me if you want, I might be able to tell you what gear you most likely have

If you think yourrunning test but its really tren that could end up not so good.

I got the feeling the fucker scammed me . Looking at online sources tonight.