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Needed: Good Bra

Can any of you T-vixens suggest a really good sports bra? I have spent enough $$$ on supposedly good bras and would really like to find one that has worked well for someone else. My problem is that one week prior to my cycle my breasts swell from a 34C to a full 34D, and it is very very painful. So basically during this week, cardio is not an option. My regular sports bras just don’t cut it. I need one that will keep me from getting beat up by my own boobs and will hold these puppies in place!

Please only recommend bras that you have tried and that have worked for you rather than good ones you have only heard about.


Oh and another thought, if you read this Mr. Moderator, why don’t you guys come up with a Hot Rox sports bra or sports tank? T-shirts are great, but us T-vixens could rule the gym with some sexy hot rox wear. Just a thought, and it could be great advertising for you guys…

" Oh and another thought, if you read this Mr. Moderator, why don’t you guys come up with a Hot Rox sports bra or sports tank?"

I second that motion. Unfortunatel I have no answer for your question.

i wanta tank op so every one can see my arms grow with each passing week…

My lady’s got big boobies and she wears two sports bras–the under bra is a size smaller than what she needs and the top one is her regular size.

I absolutely love the ones I have from Marika. They were pricey, but worth every penny. Don’t recall exact funds spent on them, but after I had bought one, I went back and got two more.

They have an elastic pannel in the center to allow for monthly changes in cup size. This also prevents Uni-boob! :o)

I wear them when I run my sprints or jump rope. Not sure if they make this same design, but I know Dick’s Sporting goods carries the brand.

Good luck with this one.

I never thought I’d see a question asking for advice about bras on the T-Mag forum. You never know what’s coming next around here. :slight_smile:

Seriously BNB, why don’t you just try a regular full-support bra. I never liked sports bras either. Except in my case it’s because they smash the boobies too much.

I know this is not exactly the answer you’re looking for, but you might want to try it anyway.

Thanks RSUp, IM and MD for the suggestions. I am going to hit the sporting good stores tomorrow and check online for the marika brand if i can’t find it anywhere.

And I hope I didn’t cross the testosterone boundaries by posting about bras, but I’m trying to look good naked, and I need all the help I can get folks. So, if you some of you guys are grunting over this post, get over it!!! :slight_smile:

No grunting here, I like boobs. Second the double bra suggestion. One of my exes had D’s and had to do this.

Of course i cant say ive tried them… but i hear good things about the Underarmour Ladies one from 2 of my female friends.

You go 34C to 34D? Damn. I think I hate you.

Hrmmm, never thought of this before but I can begin to see the problem and discomfort associated with this.

Much respect to all you TVixens out there who deal with all of these issues we men never have to deal with, yet live the lifestyle just the same.

Lol!!! Stella, don’t hate me… I promise it’s not a good thing. :-0

You men have been an exceptional help as well. I didn’t think any of you would post except maybe to make typical guy posts about boobs. But the double bra thing has been suggested twice, so I will have to give that a try also.

Hey booknerdbabe,

Alas, as much as I’d love to love all women who are well-endowed, as a poorly endowed woman, I feel this horrible envy. tragic gesture

All my friends seem larger than me in that department. God, it’s so hard to compete w/ them in that department unless I have a surgery. But at least I can bench more than them! Hehehe.

Anyways, have you tried getting TWO different sizes for your bras, one for 34C and one for 34D? My breasts do not grow in size per cycle, so all of mine are of the same size, but you may need to adjust a little.

Also check out http://www.runnersworld.com/ and check out the women’s section. They have good sports bra recommendations for female runners with large breasts.



Champion underwire high-impact. I’m your size, and they work for everything from sprints to martial arts to lifting. They also come with a 34B/C, 34C/D sizing.

I feel your pain! sports bro shopping is awful, and i always found nomatter what i get it just doesnt work.
good luck in your search!


As soon as I get back in full swing (as I have not worked out for 2yrs solid) and my body fat decreases, so will my boobs.? I give it about 4 - 6 months, and they will be little B’s maybe swelling to little C’s.? That’s the way it works.? I wish biotest would come out with a product that would allow you to grow your boobs back after you had lost the weight!? Again, its only a wish?

And kudos to you for not getting sucked into the implants.? I mean a woman with a nice muscular body and implants looks great, but she is toting around “pseudo boobs”.? And I will not lie and say that I have not considered it, but I think I would rather work with what I have and be proud of it.? And besides, a firm butt, toned tummy, sculpted thighs and little boobies is much more attractive than 2 big jugs hanging over a Bhudda belly, right?

Booknerdbabe. I’m in the same boat with Stella. Speakinig only for myself, and not stella, if I wore a minimizing sports bra, you wouldn’t see much difference between back and front. But, I work out with three other women who are uncomfortably over-endowed. They have all have good luck finding just the right bra for whatever activities and/or support at Title9sports.com

Good luck.

BTW, I absolutely have no boob envy. Over the years of athletic activity, I’ve seen more athletes have problems with too much rather than too little…and, I’m lucky that my husband perfers great legs and glutes.

This is my area of expertise. Please send me photos for anatomical reference, and I’ll get right back to you on what you should buy. :wink:

Sorry, someone needed to put in the ‘typical guy post…’

Uh, breasts are made up of mostly, almost entirely, of fat. When you lose fat and dependent upon where the bodyfat is lost first; you’ll eventually lose breast size.

I’m lucky. I’ve never had to worry about such things as sports bras. I just wear a bikini top under my training gear. Simple. No worries.

I had much bigger boobs in the past when I was much fatter than I am now. In my experience having huge knockers is highly overrated.

I agree with BNB, it’s overall proportions that count.