Need Your Thoughts and Prayers

[quote]RSGZ wrote:
Renton wrote:
I’m really shook up about it but that’s beside the point. I did everything I could at the scene and maybe I helped, maybe not. I still did everything I could.

I’m certain you did - had you not been there it may have turned out worse.

I hope he makes a full recovery, that’s terrible news - he’ll be in my thoughts.[/quote]


Damn man, if you hadn’t been there…

Good thing you were trained. More people who know what they’re doing the better.

You’re a good man.

Sorry to hear this news Renton, I echo the sentiments in this thread… it’s a good thing you were there and I have no doubt you made the situation a lot better than it could have been.

My brother fractured his skull in 4 places when he was very young and fell out a window, he pulled through … and I can only hope the boys youth will lend itself to resilience and he will pull through just the same.

My thoughts are with this boy and his family.

hope this kid makes a full recovery and all is ok with him and his family

The best to Josh. I’ve sent him my thoughts and hopes for a speedy recovery.

I am thankful you were there to help him in that tragic situation.

The fact that you didn’t suffer from bystander nonintervention speaks to your character. And the fact that the kids went for help speaks to theirs.

I wish him well.

You are gentlemen in more ways than one, always thought so. This is yet another example.

Good to have people like you in the world. Update us if you can with Josh’s status.

He’ll make a full recovery! Kids are resilient. Josh is in my thoughts.

Best wishes and prayers from this corner, man.

Josh and his family are in my thoughts, and hopes for a quick recovery.

You’re a good man, R. no matter what they say.

As an EFR instructor, the most important thing we teach is “adequate care provided is better than perfect care withheld.”

You did more than what most people would do, and you did a good job. The only way to think about it is that if you werent there, or hesitated, or worse, turned your head, he’d be way worse off than what he is now.

Chin up, dude. You did well.

Done. These sorts of events put things in perspective. Head injuries are never good, but trauma teams have gotten so good these days that they can seemingly work miracles. Hopefully, this will be one of those instances.


You did the right thing Ren, not only helping the boy but calling for prayer, i certainly will keep Josh in my prayers.

Good job Ren. I’m prayin’ for him.

You’re a hero, Renton!

My thoughts are with Josh and his family.

Best of luck to Josh. I hope he makes it.

You got 'em man. You did what you could, and you may be the single reason the kid has a chance now. Renton = the man.

[quote]Renton wrote:
I was walking home last night from the shops, just before full darkness fell. I crossed a road near my house having glanced at some kids playing on the grass near a power sub station.

I didn’t pay any attention to them - just kids playing and being kids. They are always there.

As I crossed the road, with my back to them, a couple of them ran up behind me screaming for help.

A little boy - I’d guess no older than 8 or 9 had been trying to climb onto the roof of the sub station (about 9ft) and had fallen. The base of the station is surrounded by a concrete pavement about 2ft wide. He’d fallen head first onto it.

He was semi concious when I got to him but obviously badly hurt. I checked him as I’m trained to do. Obvious head damage but no blood. Difficult to see from the light of a mobile phone but his pupils seemed to be responding.

I put him gently into recovery position and checked for other wounds. Nothing. As I was checking he started coming round more and was thrashing about. Not fitting but obviously in massive pain.

His dad and the ambulance arrived shortly after.

He was taken I suspect to Whiston Hospital (as the nearest ER) but I just got word that he was moved from there at midnight to Alder Hey Childrens Hospital in Liverpool (20 minutes high speed ambulance away).

He’s in a bad way. Skull is severely fractured but I do not yet know if there is bleeding into his brain or how far the damage has gone. He’s critical in the ICU though.

I’m really shook up about it but that’s beside the point. I did everything I could at the scene and maybe I helped, maybe not. I still did everything I could.

The point is, whether you reply to this thread or not, whether you believe in it or not, please spare a thought or a prayer for the boy - his name is Josh.

Maybe it’ll help.


Thank goodness that there are people like you in the world Renton, in the right place at the right time no less. My thoughts and prayers go out to Josh and his family.

Any update?