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Need Your Opinion


Hi.. We have opend a new Gym in my place witch is the biggest and the best and dennis james just left from it a week ago, he was camping for Mr.olympia. The Gym have chosen some players to put on new workout programs Im one of these players I just wanted to take your opinion..

For chest:

Dips at the bigining for 3 sets 10,10,10

2- Incline dumbell press for 4 sets 15,12,10,10 or 6

3: Incline bench press for 3 or 4 sets 10,10,8,6

4: Flat dumbell press for 3 sets 10,8,6 or 10,6,6

5: Pullovers for 3 sets 1,8,6 or any other simple exer

Another program is:

Dips: 3sets 10,10,10

Incline bench press for 4 sets or 3 haven't choosen yet

Incline Dumbble press for 3 sets 10,8,8

Push ups for 3 sets I have't seen any players doin push ups so I thought of putting it but Im still confused because of the idea that it burns the fat in the chest??

Angle Bench Press for 3 sets 10,8,6

This for the chest it may not be perfect but I feel that it covers every thing.

For bic's Im concentrating more on playing to failure after finishing any of any three bic's workout. Grap light weight dumblle after bic's workout and do casual dumblle workout untill failure witch I think it's amazing.

Im going to print these workouts for sat hope to see your opinion.


HELP any


Yes, pushups will burn away chest fat like no other. Then add in some crunches to really burn away the blubber from your midsection. Finish up these workouts with the elliptical machine to build muscle in your arms and you're set to go.


Thanx mate,,, but what do you think about starting with dips is ok or should it be at the end?


If you're not starting your workout with 10 sets of 1 finger push ups you're a pussy who shouldn't be allowed in the gym.


Those other posters are teasing you, pushups do not "burn fat" in the chest.

Who is this routine for? Who is supposed to do this routine? Is it for people who come to the gym? Ordinary people? Assuming it is for ordinary people who visit the gym ....

You might have a few too many sets in there what about this, changed slightly

  1. Dips at the bigining for 3 sets 10,10,10

2- Flat bench press for 4 sets 15,12,10,10 or 6

3: Incline dumbell press for 3 sets 10,8,6 or 10,6,6

4: Pullovers for 3 sets 8, or flyes


Funny, I thought that they were making fun of him.


I can do push ups with my head is that fear?


The first round of chest exercises sounds like newbie shoulder impingments waiting to happen. A lot of the coaches on this site recommend doing more pulling than pushing. Personally, I've found it to be a rewarding opinion.