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Need Your Opinion On My Picture

I have competed a few times in bodybuilding shows. It’s been a few years and I decided to go through a mock warmup again for a contest. I dieted and basically went through my same training routine-except I didn’t compete. I wanted to see how I would look again in “show form.” I have attached a picture, of me in my backyard.

I look fairly decent, but I’m disappointed in my obliques- it looks like either fat or I’m retaining water.
I experimented with glycerol this time, taking 50 ml with 16ml of water 6 hours before this photo shoot. I didn’t feel as dehydrated as I wanted. I’m thinking it was due to the glycerol. I took the glycerol to see if I could more vascularity-but I was disappointed. Please take a look at the photo, especially my obliques. I’d like your opinion.

l o l

That trully is funny :slight_smile:

your abs look like Jay Cutlers only smaller and without the big Endorsements