Need Your Help

Hey Gang I need your help with a weight lifting routine.

I’m 6’, 395lbs, 55 YO male. In the past three months I’ve dropped 35 lbs. from eliminating wheat and sugar from my diet. I’ve been doing heavy ropes for the past six months along with some TRX one time per week.

I’m joining a local gym that is family owned and is strictly weigh lifting and power lifting with a good vibe.

Can you help me put together a weight lifting program I could use for the next year while I focus on diet and lifting.

Thank you.

Hi Tilden, and welcome to the O35 forum. Have you tried searching the site for the info you seek? Lots of beginner programs to be found. Here are a couple:

Give those a look, then post any questions that arise. Best of luck reaching your fitness goals.

Hi Tilden,

Congrats on the lost weight. Ideally, this small gym may have a powerlifting team. If that’s the case, you should look into joining it. Training with a group will take a lot of guess work out of your training.

If you want to go lone wolf, I’d recommend you pick up Jim Wendler’s book 5/3/1. It’s basic and proven to work among a broad range of lifters. Just run the program as written and you’ll be fine. Regardless of the routine you choose to follow the key is to commit to it’s success. The best routine is the one you believe will work.

Good luck

Hara is correct. I would look at 5/3/1. As long as you are working and watching the diet, weight should continue to drop. Nice work thus far.

Hi, Tilden. Sounds like a great gym. I agree with Hara, see if you can train with others there, they should be able to show you correct form.

At 395 lbs, you’re already lifting weights without realizing it. You’d probably be surprised how much muscle you already have. Good luck.