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Need Your Help & Advice For CW Program


I designed my full body program based on the Waterbury's articles. The only problem is that I am not sure wether it's well designed or not.
The goal is strenght/size increase. I am 1m72 (something like 5'7,7) and I weight 68kg (150 lb), my body fat is 9,8%.

80% of 1 RM, 5x5 for all exercises, 3 times a week.

Lat pulldown
Calf raise

I also do not really know how much I should increase my weight every week.

Thanks in advance.


Youll want to vary your rep scheme a little throughout the week or you will probably get burnt out after a short while.


I can don something like a 5x5, then a 10x5 then a 4x6 ???
is it what you meant?
Because I am focusing only in functional hypertrophy


Yeah but maybe even more than that, your body will get used to using around 80% of your max and progress will stagnate. Maybe put a day of 3-5x10 or some higher rep work to keep things mixed up.


Im sorry I didnt read your post carefully. You should me mixing up the rep schemes throughout the week. Like for example MOnday 5x5 Wednesday 4x10 Friday 10x3, or something like that.


i agree or another scheme could be 6x3 then 5x5 then 4x6 this is CW's rep/sets for his lift fast get big program...


Why not just use one of Waterbury's routines? Many are for hypertrophy. Why would you design your own?