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Need Your Favourite Martial Arts Films Quick


So the wife is away today and I have the boys (5 and 3). She thinks MA movies are silly. Give me your favourites quick. For starters I’m thinking of having them watch:

Enter the Dragon or Game of Death with Bruce Lee. Which one has Kareem Abdul Jabar in it?

Ong Bak

Which Jet Li one should they watch? Any others?

Summoning @dt79


Legend of drunken master

And, of course, Bloodsport


How could I forget Bloodsport?! Thanks.


Some of them are silly but that doesn’t make them any less cool or entertaining. I grew up with the old Bruce lee and Jackie chan flicks, but darn if The Last Dragon And even Black Belt Jones aren’t way up on my guilty pleasures list.



Pretty sure Game of Death is the one with Kareem.


Karate Kid
Karate Kid 2: Electric Boogaloo
Karate Kid 3: He’s Not a Kid Anymore

Those, and anything starring Chuck Norris (well, except the Total Gym franchise, those are pretty lame.)


Best of the Best


Any Steven Segal movie where he has no character flaws and delivers a sociopolitical message with a heavy hand.


Can’t go wrong with Kung Pow: Enter the First, or Big Trouble in Little China.


During Enter the Dragon
5yo: “I can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys, they’re all wearing pajamas.”

3yo: points at TV and attempts to shoot webs like spider man at Mr. Han during the final fight scene.


I can’t remember the titles, but any of them that ran on Kung Fu Theater were guaranteed bouncing off the walls imitating them fun.


Enter the Dragon…
Blood Sport…
Game of Death…
all three are on my list


Kung pow - enter the fist
Greatest movie of all time



Once Upon a Time in China 1, 2 - Let your wife watch the entire series and she won’t think MA movies are silly anymore.

Iron Monkey - Not Jet Li. Will appeal to kids.

You wanna watch really good martial arts movies with great screenwriting and production values without the campiness, look for those in the '90s in which Tsui Hark is involved in.

New Dragon Gate Inn (1992). Not for kids.

The Blade (1995) Not for kids.

Green Snake (1993) Not for kids.


Damn, I forgot to mention Shaolin Soccer and Kungfu Hustle. Both are Stephen Cow movies. These were very accomplished works made out of pure love for Hong Kong cinema and Bruce Lee and it shows. Stephen Chow had already became a billionaire from property investments at that time.

The former literally blew up the box offices in Asia right before multiplexes became the norm and I couldn’t get tickets during the first 2 weeks it was released lol.




3 ninjas…


Oh fuck, 23 days late!


The Protector. Tony Jaa kicking ass to avenge his pet elephant.

4 minute continuous single take scene as Tony beats his way up several flights of stairs.


Also it’s too bad they’re 5 and 3 otherwise I’d say The Raid 2.