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Need your advice on Log Clean & Press....


1) I notice guys will clean to their lap and then it looks like they reposition their grip before rolling up the chest?? I have just been training with my new sorinex log and as the weights increase the clean it getting harder, need all the help I can get. Is there some part of the handle that give better leverage for rolling the log up your chest or do you just want to stay centered?

2) I am looking to buy an axle...I was looking at elites el gordo....is having a non rotating bar a problem if you prefer thumbless grip?...will it want to roll out of your hand?

FWIW I just finished 8 weeks of z-presses with the log and now my z press is almost equal to my standing log press but I did not see the carryover, I must have been cheating on my z-press somehow (leaning back too much?) not sure.


You want to have the handles flat with the log far out on your knees, you want to sit down so the log is under your belly/up on your chest. keep your elbows high and out straight to the side while keeping tight, stand up while you use mainly your hips to just roll it up your chest.

go get a 2" piece of solid axle from a metal supply shop should be around 70 bucks.


Ah, so the posture is to start the roll higher on the torso, got it. Thank. Log C&P is an amazing drill...

The one benefit of being older is that I can finally buy whatever equiptment I want after so many years of rigging stuff


i wouldnt do thumbless grip with the axle, you want to strengthen your grip an thumbless can be dangerous, especially with a 2" bar or thicker, i start lapping the log as it get too heavy to clean in one motion, setting up is sometimes the hardest part, if you can clean the weight easy, the press is nothing and a foregone conclusion to me, but everyone is different


I looked at it like a bent row to my belt then driving the hips through, holding my breath from gripping the log till it is racked then taking a breath before the press....this is probably not the best method as by the 5th C&P I am out of breath but this is a HARD drill...in a way it is three moves up and two down so it is complex and IMO harder that DL or squat reps.

I am just doing strict presses now as I am in a confined space and not sure what woould happen if I fell backwards or lost the log behind me which could happen if I moved up to weights I could jerk.

After an accident I damaged my ulnar nerve and I thought I was done with lifting a straight bar BUT going thumbless the nerve does not "pop" so maybe I should stick to a barbell.

I went out in the garage and tried lapping the log, yea, it is a lot stronger that way...I always have that nasty bruises on my forearms too.

Sorinex makes a beautiful 135# 10in log


the bruises are badges! just remember on strict presses to bring your head through to complete the rep, instead of constantly looking at the ceiling. experiment with the axle at lighter weights to lower the risk of tweeking your injury


You will want to row the log in as close as you can to your waist, the only person I've seen have success with the log out at the end of the knees is big Z and thats only b/c of his belly, once you lap it you want the handles parallel to the ground still. When standing keep the log pinned against your chest and roll your arms under by a violent hip thrust, you will get bruises on your forearms...get over it, and like zishe said make sure you throw your head forward to complete the rep.


I try to get the log as close to my chest as possible, in tight between pecs and belly. I flare my elbows out and I personally tilt the handles forward. Pull the log in tight on the clean and throw your hips. Putting chalk on your shirt, and tops of your quads to help hold on to the log.


Thanks for some great coaching point. Gotta get the log out in the open so I can try some PP or jerks...just doing strict press now, 225 is the most I have done but I am new to overhead pressing after years of being a bench presser so will see where I can go with this.


1.) There are a couple of different ways to clean the log, but the most efficient method is to keep the log close to your body and use hip power to drive the log upward and 'roll' it up your torso into the rack position.

2.) If you want the best axle bar then I would go with the IronMind apollons axle. The IronMind bar is also $100 less than the EFS bar, and the EFS bar has knurling which is not something that you will usually see in a contest.