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Need Your Advice Guys


I've been doing that program for the last 3 weeks, and I was just if there's any major-minor misstakes. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Squats (real wide)
Rows dumbbell
Leg curls
Swiss ball weighted crunches


Flat bench presses barbell
Pull ups
Standing ovehead presses barbell
Forearms curls plam up and down


Incline bench presses barbell
Upright rows
French presses
Hammer curls

Goals : gain in mass and strength.

all exercise performed 5x5, and if I can 5x5 them I do 5x6 the next week, if I succeed again I do 5x7 the next week. Then I raise the weight and drop back to 5x5. And so on. The rests period between each exercise is a minute.

thanks in advance.


That looks pretty solid. It's tough to say for sure because I don't know what your goals are, but I would say that will be a pretty good program for adding some overall mass and strength as long as you are eating right. My only recommendation would be to change the exercises up just a little bit when you get back to 5x5 (after going through 5x6 and 5x7). For example, flat bench to close-grip bench, wide-stance parallel squats to oly squats, deadlifts to rack pulls, lunges to step-ups, etc. You don't have to do it with all your exercises, but you'll probably want to slowly cycle your exercise choices.


Alright, got it. So it might look like this.


Oly squats
Decline bench presses
Barbell rows
leg curls
swiss ball crunches


Rack pulls
Close grip bench presses
Lat pull down
Dumbbell seated overhead presses
Wrist roller


Step ups
dumbbell Incline bench presses
Upright rows
Skull crushers
Preacher curls

If you can explain how the oly squat is performed it would be nice, also if you have any idea for a upright row substitute.