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Need Workout Routine for Old Universal


hello, T-Nation

My name is ron, im 53 and feeling it !! I bought myself an old weider universal work out station.

and not knowing the first thing about working out, I asked my chiropractor. ( because it was obvious !! that he worked out . ) and he told me of T-Nation. and all the help i could get. I would like to know if someone would kindly set me up with a full upper body work out routine. for a universal system which i have attached photo's of.its all cable.any videos would be helpful to learning routines but not nessesary.

i am 6'4' and 180 lbs, i have been skinny all my life but once i was in shape. :frowning:
as i am aging i am starting to feel the acks and pains, shoulder cramps just from scratching my mid shoulders . i need to do something about it before it gets the best of me.


Well, I hate to break it to you, but there are only a handful of exercises you can do on that. You would benefit much more from a set of dumbbells and a bench. Only reason to keep the ‘universal’ is for the high cable pulley.


Haha i had the exact same machine as you once, really dodgy in my opinion. Free weight exercises using dumbbells and such would net you far superior gains. That machine when my dad used it (his around your age) really hurt his joints. His now using free weights almost exclusively and his joints feel better.

If you buy a bench and two adjustable dumbbells I’m sure anyone on this board would be able to offer you some good workout advice. Using that machine is very intuitive though so what ever seems obvious will probably be good.

Explore the internet and you can find some excellent exercise data bases. Spend a few hours looking around and you should be able to reasonably workout.


Hello Nation,
And to thoses who replied I would like to say thank you. This machine, I know its a joke, but it was in a garage sale( no wonder yeah ). ha !! ha !!. And I thought it would get me started with a little help from someone here. I will take your advice and get myself some barbells and a bench. Than I shall return for a workout routine.
Im running out of time. And would like to get back what i can, if i can. ?


Repost this in the over 35’s forum, its arguably the best and most helpful section of the website.

If you’re serious about your health and strength I would recommend joining a gym or gettin a basic freeweights setup-a barbell, powerrack and adjustable bench.

For the time being work on getting 20-30 continous pressups with good form and use the lat pulldown function on the universal using a weight you can do for 5 sets of 5reps,warm up first with the bottom weight for 20 reps, every other day is a good schedule. Stretch thoroughly afterwards, especially the chest.