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Need Workout Critique


Hey guys.

So far my week looks like this:

Monday: Big 3 (Bench, squat, DL) Chin-ups
Tuesday: Calf raises, BB Military Press, incline hammer curls, Ab Circuit + 15 HITT
Wednesday: Big 3, Dips
Thursday: Same as tuesday
Friday: Big 3, DB rows.
Saturday/Sunday: 30 min NEPA.

I've been updating my training log with my results, and so far with this workout I have seen gains, I just want to know if it's optimal for what i'm going for: To go from a lanky 174lbs and 6'1 to a lean, beefy 180lbs. My diet includes Three meals high in P+C in the morning and a protein shake, workout days I take one scoop creatine and three meals P+F in the evening. I never have "cheat meals" or binges. I have a deadline of two months to get as much progress as I can.


I checked your training log, and I saw your progress. That’s good!

However, I think your program has a bit too much of everything and (at the same time) lacks variety. I’m also concerned with the fact you’re shoulders (front delts, more exactly) work five days a week, in a row…

If/when you stop making progress on your program, take an easy week, then switch to sometinhg like this:

Monday: Bench, Row, Squat, Dips (torso upright, for triceps), Calf raises.

Tuesday: OFF or NEPA

Wednesday: Chin-ups, BB Military Press, DL, BB curls, DB Lateral Raises,

Thursday:, OFF or NEPA

Friday: Incline BP, DB rows, Leg Press, Romanian DL, Bent-over Raises,

Saturday/Sunday: 30 min NEPA.

Go heavy on the three first exercises (3-4 set of 5-7 reps), lighter on the other (3x8-12); split your current Ab Circuit in two and alternate each half at the end of your workouts.

Try to add weight each WO, as long as you stay in the rep brackets and your form is correct.


Thank you! I start my workout again tomorrow, so i’ll write out a definitive list of workouts for MWF and give your list a try; I don’t want to have “training ADD” and drop the program i’m doing but i’ve been wary of it since I too realized I was working the same muscle groups several times a week and not getting much rest.


[quote]J.Wollmann wrote:
what i’m going for: To go from a lanky 174lbs and 6’1 to a lean, beefy 180lbs. [/quote]

LOL, dude. Unless you plan on also shrinking 6 inches you’re not going to be a lean, beefy 180 pounds. Not trying to be a dick or anything, sounds like you’re going about it the right way, just set some loftier goals.

Good luck



I don’t really care about my weight, just my BF%. Lol, change lean, beefy 180lbs to beefy and 7-8% BF. :stuck_out_tongue:


At 6’1 you definitley need to be bigger than 180, I consider myself very small at 176 completely carb depleted and Im only 5’8".

If you want people to think you work out you are going to need to be a lean 200.

Being the fact you are lanky your body fat is going to be pretty low anyway I would just worry about building some muscle first and as long as your diet is good bf% should take care of itself.

In regards to your program, its good you want to do the big exercises and if you want to make them the base go with starting strength or strong lifts . If you are a little more advanced go for something like the Wendler 5-3-1.

If you are making gains, great, but I would consider reducing the frequency you hit your shoulders as that amount of volume will be very tough on the joint and rotator cuff, you may end up injuring yourself. I know if I use my shoulders extensively for more than 2-3 days they do feel beaten up.


Thanks Dan.

You’re right. I actually went ahead and used the above workout today, and I feel like I did some great work on my legs, chest and triceps, aswell as a bit of my lats from the bench and rows, but overall my shoulders are fine and aswell as my lower back, so I should be good for wednesday (back, shoulders and biceps)

I’m sticking to 3/4x5/7 for my big lifts now instead of 4x8, but it feels like i’m putting a much greater impact on my muscles.

5-3-1 sounds great. I’m going to start working out with my sisters boyfriend when I get the chance so I can get a spot. He’s practically twice my size but that will just help me!

It’s a great feeling sticking to a routine and having an awesome diet. It feels like nothing can bring me down. :slight_smile: