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Need Vet Help With First Time Cycle Please


Thinking about starting my first cycle but want to get ALL of my facts straight.

Want to start 100mg of test prop EOD for 8-10 weeks.
When I went through puberty I had a moment for awhile where my nipples would get itchy and I did feel some lump. I also have saggy chest muscles probably from rounded chest genetics and too much flat bench.

So what I was thinking was:
100mg test Prop EOD 10 weeks
.25 arimidex ED ( Take last dose with last dose of T prop then discontinue)
50/50/25/25 Clomid for PCT 3 Days after last test injection.

Should I run HCG with test and should it be injected the same day as test prop or in between tests schedule?

Open to all suggestions I've done countless hours of research and am still learning. I feel this is a low dose cycle and I should be okay but I'm terrified of gyno lol. Fuck that shit.
See attatched image and tell me if I look like I could get it..


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Btw have you given any thought to my cycle? Or are you still flickin your bean?


Yeah bud, you have any experience pertaining to cycling?


ok, I'll give you a serious response:

ten minutes of googling would answer literally every question you asked, so how you can say you've researched for hours and still be confused is beyond me. In any case, your cycle is pretty low dosed but ok I suppose. hCG can be pinned same say as the test, it really doesn't matter, and no one can say if you're gyno prone just by looking, but you seem like a bit of a tit anyway so... maybe?


I did one cycle which was exact same dose as yours. You will not be impressed. Go straight to Prop 100mg ED. You're compromising your HPTA for low gains. That's stupid. If you're cycling you should be shooting for max gains in shortest amount of time possible. Get in, loot as much as you can, get out. This should work well, especially with fast ester such as Prop.


I'm not so much confused, just wanna be open to suggestions being this is my first cycle.
I know it's a basic cycle. More over im just afraid of gyno.

if gyno symptoms were to apear I would up the dose on my AI and continue my cycle correct?

Also, I laughed at the tit joke you got me lol


Agree with LGS. This cycle at this dose is not worthwhile. Double the dose.

Gyno is a concern for anybody who uses steroids, so you're not alone in that regard. Hard to say if your Adex dosing is good, but it seems high to me. The only way to know for sure is by getting bloodwork though. Would it be possible for you to get bloodwork a few weeks into the cycle? This would benefit you greatly for this cycle, and future cycles. You'll want to know what your E2 value is when running your adex at this dose (should be low 20's). Adex dosing is also dependent on the dose of test, so keep that in mind. As an example, I've run 1000mg test, and only needed .4mg Adex EOD. Bloodwork showed me this was appropriate.

IF you do get gyno for any reason, raise your adex slightly, and begin using nolvadex immediately at 20mg/day until the gyno subsides.

I don't see much of a reason to run HCG in this cycle, as it's short and low dosed. But it wouldn't hurt.

Your comments about your chest are strange, and quite frankly reveal a basic misunderstanding of anatomy. You don't have a 'saggy chest'. Your chest genetics look more or less like most peoples. Pretty normal. And you certainly haven't been benching too much. You haven't developed much muscle anywhere. I'm not saying that to be mean, it's just the reality of the situation. Your proportions are actually reasonably good IMO.

Your PCT is bad too. It's an old school PCT that has been proven to be less effective than alternatives. Read more about PCT on this site, specifically the threads started by cycobushmaster and KSman.

And clean your sink knob. That's looks disgusting. You really want to touch that shit after you wash your hands?


I would use aromasin instead of adex. Adex and nolva don't work great together.

If you're really scared of gyno run 20mg of nolva daily right from the start. This is NOT instead of the aromasin. Use both.


If you search for the research you will find this:
A pharmacokinetic interaction has been established between letrozole and tamoxifen, whereby reduced circulating levels of letrozole are found with combined application.

I believe that this is false: "Adex and nolva don't work great together"


cool, thanks for that. I'm sure I saw a study that said otherwise but I appreciate the correction


This is an interesting topic actually. I had a discussion with cycobushmaster some time ago regarding this and he was of the opinion that since these conclusions about nolva not having much effect on the efficacy of adex were derived from studies done on women(the study in the link as well-98% reduction of estrogen), it may not be the same for men.


Prop is good stuff, but it can sting like a motherfucker. I wouldn't recommend it for a first cycle. I find it okay at 100mg/ml everywhere except quads. Hurts for days on the quads.
Try it if you like but if it doesn't agree with you will be feeling sore and sorry, from the daily injections.


yeah I'm sure it was cycobushmaster who posted the study showing the interaction between the two.


Found the thread:


so it was cyco whom so badly misinformed me! Blame him.



It's all just speculation because of the lack of studies done on males.