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Need Urgent Help with ED

Thanks yeah yeah I know the epistemological stuff,great.
Sorry for the several quotes,just answering through my email app.

I will think somethings brother;I read the sticky right now,I knew it.So I repeat you,in this sense,I tried HCG at different dosages and doesnt nothing for me.I hate nolvadex but if is mandatory in the planning is ok.
By the way,when I was on oxandrolone random erections was normal.Yet,in undecanoate oral dont get erection but more aggressiveness,in fact my office’s mates asked me Are u ok,are you angry?",etc.Maybe a problem of bioavailability.But in general that exogenus testosterone at 500mg/day [ just a experiment] at 5%-10% gave me definitely a new feeling about sex,wich felt like a good thing but dont have the exactly words.

As usual will stay tuned to your comments

You do not have to use Nolva, you can use clomid. Nolva is often better tolerated so it is recommended but the dosages for clomid are posted in that thread. As for the Anavar, yeah I bet you felt quite good. Given that oxandrolone does not convert to E2. While you did take a high dosage it has low hepatoxicity and a short half life. Just know you are still pushing your liver at that dose, just because it causes less liver stress at a “normal” dose does not mean it does not cause any. Anyway like I said if I was in your shoes I would be just stay with 50mg of test e/c every 3.5 days for 30 days then start the PCT thread following the recommended dosages and not adding any spice so to speak to your PCT. If you decide to cycle again give it at least 16 weeks (need that long for post PCT labs anyway). Also there is a pharma section here. Just be warned there is a bit of bro science and group reassurance over empirical data and peer review in there. But many nice folks as well.

Easy @grungephreakmailto:tnation@discoursemail.com

I dont have any problem with Nolva itself,the point is currently tamoxifen doesnt work to me,just only give me a progesterone raise or something but no the fullfilled balls!!

Anyway,about the planning that you say, testosterone enanthate 50mg E3.5D [or is a better idea 75mg twince a week?] with or without exemestane?? and one more time,subq in the lovehandles is the big deal to avoid excessive pain??

Many thanks in advance


PD. I have 27G needles and body fat is about 17%,age 31 years,173 height and weight is 70 kilos,diet is flexible diet,moderate macros,no junk food,no vitamin excess to avoid glycemic troubles,you know.Historial of high cortisol - comes from the church land- then I recovered my liberty from porn addiction.Currently I follow ayurvedic principles about sex,life in general,only vaginal sex,ever,never take others way or something,you know.Bless

Then use clomid and 50mg E3.5 days subq would bring most people to 750ng/dl plus so that should be a fine dose. Not a good idea to do more as you are trying to restore your body to normal. You can use aromasin if you think E will be an issue (not a bad idea at all). Given the mechanism of action the lovehandles should be fine.

well you catch me Im not a rude man but im a good boy,ever,all my life man.In fact I think my reflection ability has been my support.Thanks for all the advices man,really many thanks.So my planning will be this if you are in consensus:

Test e 75mg[3cc equal 75mg] twice weekly SQ without AI [ideally,otherwise 25mg aromasin is ok?],during 30 days,with a 25G needle i will buy this stuff according to my bf, no problem.No hcg,right?

Then the clearing test e weeks?no?how weeks?two?

Finally PCT with clomid at 50mg E3D?? during 30 days?,some exemestane 12mgED and proviron 25mgED are allowed in this stage?No hcg,right?.

BTW currently my testicles are normal/higher shape,libido is low,scrotum seems to be empty",yet in the perineus I feel the whitesnake searching in a slowly mode" the exit,got it?

I will stay tuned to your commets.

Thanks in advance,



Is .3 ml equal 75mg NOT 3cc

@grungephreak gentle bump man to get the finally answers!!



I keep seeing insane doses of SERM’s, you really do not understand.

With high SERM doses LH/FSH are too high, creating a lot of T–>E2 inside the testicles causing very high serum E2 levels. And you cannot control T–>E2 inside the testes with anastrozole.

Do what is specified in the HPTA restart sticky and nothing else. Everything that you have learned about PCT from BB forums is wrong.

Please read the stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category

  • advice for new guys - need more info about you
  • things that damage your hormones
  • HPTA Restart
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

KSman is simply a regular member on this site. Nothing more other than highly active.

I can be a bit abrupt in my replies and recommendations. I have a lot of ground to cover as this forum has become much more active in the last two years. I can’t follow threads that go deep over time. You need to respond to all of my points and requests as soon as possible before you fall off of my radar. The worse problems are guys who ignore issues re thyroid, body temperatures, history of iodized salt. Please do not piss people off saying that lab results are normal, we need lab number and ranges.

The value that you get out of this process and forum depends on your effort and performance. The bulk of your learning is reading/studying the suggested stickies.

@KSman and first off thanks for your response.

Could you answer if I will do the right track with the follow protocol:

During 30 days injecting test e E2D at 75mg,without AI.

Then a clearing test phase is mandatory? or PCT with clomiphene 25mgED or tamoxifen at 10mg must be executed as soon as posible?

Like i said dont like hcg,so dont will run it or is a mandatory thing during the test execution?after no thanks.
Please read my message and context and details,phenomenology is important in TNATION tcluoma articles are the proof.But easy you and he are my Masters,so give a hand please.

Thanks in advance,


PD. In psychological terms the idea is get a good mood to my office work never the opposite - dont the reason why grungephreak advice for me is test e,why not test cyp? - and make improves in my erectil function.

Jesus sorry test e 75mg twice a week during 30days

The sticky outlines different approaches that can be used. One is without hCG. Labs are suggested during PCT to see exactly what is happening.

oh come on ksman dont be proud brother,there are not a objetive science.BTW I dont believe in the broscience.I believe in my experiments and not kidding you man. The “broscientis” are ton of scared boys.Science need courage and reflection.Thats my thinking.

It seems to be that my answers are nasty thing to you,if you dont want a context answer please dont answer.

But fight is not necesary,I believe that,I guess. You seems to be a smart person but in this case the sticky´s approaches arent a usefull thing to me, I mean the What can I do with " If hcg dont works then go to trt" its a circular reasoning,got it?And labs more the same.But in this point this attitude doesn covnert me in a broscience,again,got it?

Its just an subjective approach If you want see in this way,but to me the most important thing are the experiences and the people with reflections about this experience.

Anyway,in my country TRT is a myth, like the dinosaurs´s death. No joke.

Sorry for my english and I hope you can help me with more answers about my last question.I heard that test at 100 mg week is the best approach to restart the testicles.What do you think about that? Finally at that dose,forexample,Can I have the risk of agressiveness? That would be an nasty issue to me because my work is in a lawyer office.Test e or test cyp??

Many thanks in advance and Thanks for your time @KSman


Ease up.

Some can use hCG alone to get workable T levels and quality of life. If that does not work, testosterone is really the only option. You cannot understand that. I provide options. You need to be able to understand.

100mg T does not restart the testes. That much T takes LH/FSH–>zero and then the pituitary is not working and the testes are shut down.

TRT does not cause aggression. That is a myth. High estrogens cause men to act like bitches. A lot of body building gear may cause problems, but that is off topic. TRT typically makes guys more calm and analytical and not emotional.

My best advice is in the stickies. Take it or leave it. Most find the info there to be extremely valuable.

Thanks @KSman

Great,I take it,so if mood isnt a problem with TRT what about a weightgaining,I mean my formal clothes are for my currently size.First off.
Second in this moment I have a vial of test cyp 4ml=1000mg and exemestane.I was thinking in some test e but maybe my lack of sexual maturity implicates me have the wrong concept “always ready to sex like the boyscouts always ready”,remember?
Then I will staying with test cyp because:1) hcg doesnt work to me at any dose or timing 2)I need recovery my full erectil ability and 3) I have a horny mentality but Im not a playboy or something.Got it?

I need you answer about the follow.The sticky nothing tells about the clearing test phase".But dont will angry if that is just a broscience wrong concept.I NEED TO KNOW IF THE PCT AFTER ONE MONTH OF TESTCYP COULD BE EXECUTED INMEDIATELY??
Excuse me but Im a newbie and I dont get this part from the sticky,better if you want add some extra info.

Many thanks in advance man,


if my bf is 17-18 a 27 needle is too much?25G will be better?

Gentle bump @KSman thanks

Does anyone think that the high hcg dose is what caused this guys problems? He’s not the first I’ve seen have problems when using hcg…in starting to think hcg can perm. Destroy your lh output

Man I just wanna out of this nightmare
All my life my body had been its works

Again gentle bump to get response to my last question

Many Thanks in advance,


PS. Without the intention of controversy I can tell you that my choice about hcg in the past had the “support” of a study were hcg was ran at very high dose after steroid abuse,I mean there are some study,you know,in my case definitely doesnt work

It seems I need to be more blunt. The dosage of HCG was way to high that is why I kindly suggested laying off of HCG due to desensitivity in the leydig cells. Stick with 50 MG not 75MG as there is no need for 75MG if you are planning on coming off as you state you are for PCT. Yes there are studies about HCG in men. However, no peer reviewed blind study that I have scene does not come with the caveat of LH desensitivity. Some of the studies notice as little as 20% reduction in efficacy in as little as 30 days, others show a greater loss of efficacy in as many as 90 days.

After your 30 days is up follow the PCT guidelines about SERMS in the stickies. The reason being as KSman pointed out is two fold in that first you produce to much LH and cause reduction in efficacy of LH to stimulate the testes. This will not occur before excess testosterone is converted into estrogens. These things will not assist in returning the HPTA to “normal state”. If using HCG does not provide results, and excluding desensitivity, then you are left with two possible explanations. Firstly the HCG you have is not of sufficient quality or is bad (fake, mixed incorrectly, outdated, improper storage conditions etc…) or you suffer from primary hypogonadism (testicles no longer function or at least at below “normal” capacity).


Thanks for the response man.
These days when I go to the bed I been felt a lot of libido and of course erection and that sperm sensation" like to say sos man we need sex".That was after a few days of 2000 - 5000 ui of vitd3 zinc 30mg vit a 15mg and maca at little dose 10mg.

I don’t know, during the day my stress level seems to be high in the morning libido is decreasing during the day and increase in the night, but the sperm sensation" had make improvements. But currently to get an erection I need body stimulation I mean a girl touching me or the correctly atmosphere" you know but no random erection.

BTW breakfast is the worst moment of the day if I go with cetigenic breakfast my office work doesn’t run in the right intellectual way but libido improve A LITTLE but no erection. If I with wholeeggs and porridge breakfast my work is better but less libido more erection.

Yesterday I been read the last tcluoma article about libido and his advice before trt is e2control via cruciferus vegetables and shbg control via vitd3 and zinc and magnesium to help with free test.

Right now I felt a little depressed you know I get all the stuff but not sure if pinning is the right way. OK 100mg week.
Can you tell me when I should start the pct after the 30days of test, I can’t get that part.

Thanks in advance,


PD. My hcg was pharm grade all the way and was correctly stored and mixed with a filter bac water(sodium clorihide at 0.9 in my country that’s the only solvent) to get less sting pain - Cortes tnation user advice