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Need Urgent Help with ED

Hello, need some help with my stupid cycles in the past. I mean, I ran an ANAVAR cycle during two weeks at 100mg EOD with HCG at 2000ui, and I ran some andriol at 250mg during the same time,I mean andriol EOD with the var and with proviron at 100mg.
Well I lost a lot of weight and the results were that I found it; but currently after my pct HCG at 3000ui then ,25MGexemestane,25MGclomid and 40MG tamoxifen - 10 days,my libido is non existen and have ED…
I suspect that the HCG is the culprit. I dont know,after the first shot of 1000ui, my testicles felt like non existent and that was the begining of ED, in my humble opinion.

Currently Im feeling like a ghosper,my face is pretty white and feeling with a lot of lack of motivation and some anguish but no bitchy.

What should I will do? In old posts in this cases testosterone injections seems to be solution but in that case Im not sure about what ester and what dose. Otherwise is some type of pct mandatory?
Im really scared,first time in my life Im feeling like a little boy,you know,crap feeling.

Well thanks in advance,sorry for my english and stay tuned to your comments


PD. Before that cycle" I ran in a intervallic way,fake anavar" - was dbol with anavar - before the training and only the workouts day but in a minor doses like 40mg max.The same logic,the same substances anavar at 40mg,with proviron at 50mg and exemestane at 10mg to avoid the total shutdown.But you know,that was the past.Currently my only wish is the sexual recovery.

Can I post my labs with a pdf link?

Here are my baseline labs,currently I havent labs but I have ED and no libido like I said

https://www.docdroid.net/orDVk2y/baselinelabssept2016.pdf is september no octuber,

HELP please

Sorry for the several random post, I forget the follow two days ago i ran .25 of cabergoline
because im a little man 173cms and 70 kilos. And surprise have and erection for a moment but no more,literally.It was a moment of libido and erection.
Im very confused man


You need to try the HPTA restart in the stickies. Your protocol for PCT was way off.

@blshaw is correct. You need to read the HPTA restart sticky. Then the bad news, you will need some time for the PCT to undo the bad you have done and restore levels.

Thanks fellas

Well I did my work I read the sticky about PCT. But hcg isnt for me at any doses,my hcg blast experience is bad at any doses like I said.
So in the KSman terms if hcg dont working switch to test injections for a month?
Or maybe I should give it a try to SERMs one more time?
Currently Im on clomid at 150mg week with 12.5mg exemestane to manage the clomid sides.There are some study about clomid and ED in older man - not my case im31 - and the recovery is about 75%.
Well I dont know Im trying to do my best effort but need your advices fellas
Thanks in advance,


PD. My currently libido perception is I have a little sex desire but floppy d*ck n random erection once a million

HCG blast…yeah I dont know if that will do more than desensitize the leydig cells to LH and LH analogues. I know the HPTA restart thread here has worked for countless people. With that said if I was in your shoes I would follow the protocol of 50mg of test c once per 3.5 days for a month then move to 250IU of HCG EOD before transitioning to Nolva (following the restart thread).

Thanks Brother

BTW the hcg blast was not my idea,in fact came from dr jade zeta or something u know an article from this site.

Regarding the test injections,should I inyect IM or SUBQ?
And in the second phase hcg is mandatory?dislike that substance,maybe in this way the things will be different.

Currently state today libido improve: horny thinking in sluts with the sh*t in small amounts in my balls,erection in the morning in a basic level,maybe ready to “pacific sex session” u know,what tells that to you regarding my 50mgclomid eod and 12.5 aromasin?Well I heard test injections doesnt work all maybe Im wrong.My last sex was one month ago.Im not married.
Anyway what do you think of some extra d3 and tongkat ali?
In phisycal performance I feel great more faster than ever but even after loss a lot of weight my bodyfat is in the high range.Take note of that all info.



Update and gentle bump for more points of view.

I would like to say that to me the details are important because many variables arent in the labs logic",so to speak.Further,in a paradox way,an tnation’s author called tcluoma or something points out that in the trt logic labs could be perfectly normal range,etc.
So details or phenomenology is very important in my approach and in the tcluoma too.

Today I had casual sex with an intake viagra and cabergoline.I had erection.Two rounds.Libido in the low range but with patience and the correctly sexual stimulation from the girl,my penis seems to be alive.But of course not the better sex of my life,but I did the effort because the desktop attitude",you know,looking labs and forgeting the real life not sound good at least to me.
Well I notice clearly a little anxiety in the middle of the act.

So Should I inject some Test cyp in therapeutic doses for what??
Thyroid is an item by the way that I solved with more carbs and in general with the timing of the foods.Poliquin breakfast during years killed my thyroid metabolism certainly and my test.My anavar cycle tried to help with this point,according my reads.
Currently diet is a normal diet not extreme diet,moderate macros.

Again,maybe tongakt ali could be the trick.Im bored of the clomid and exemestane.I dont know.I need a little step to lift" my libido in a optimun state,you know.
Physical performance feels great I imagibe that clomid had raised the TT.But erection is the problem,specially the random erections during day.

Thanks in advance,


Come on some help would be nice.

And I confess that not that casual sex,I payed for sex because well nothing better than sex to help the system.Sorry if that message sounds with a lack class,without courage or something or maybe simply out of the lines of the forum.But this is my four week after the anavar cycle and libido doesnt improve so I tell to my self - according to a fight post between bonez tnation user and others about recovery some guy told more sex help with ED paradoxically - Well Im a man not a chicken.

Please answer my questions and sorry for my english and my strange post

I’m not going to tell you what do to if that’s what you are asking. You should read the stickies. If it was me, I would stop taking absolutely everything (AI and SERMS to). Inject twice weekly 50mg Test C/E for four weeks, then follow the PCT in the stickies.

Thanks @grungephreak

Well Im not searching the holy grail" or something similar, Its just I read this and I ask to my self if the test ijections could be a real good idea - BTW why 50mg twice weekly and not three??

Anyway, What do you know about tongkat ali like TRT? is a myth,what dose?

OK, I will read the stickies,one more time.

Thanks and stay tuned to your comments,



PD. How old are you? Hope not talk with a funny teenager…

The reason is your test levels peak 2-3 days after injection, then start dropping after that and it’s a way to maintain more stable levels, guys with low SHBG require more shots. This is where more injections provides more benefit since low SHBG guys excrete more test into their urine than is in their blood.

Thanks @grungephreak

Yes i got it, I knew that by the way.

Anyway, is this the PCT sticky?

systemlord handled that question rather well.

There are not a lot of peer reviewed studies. I found three that oddly referenced one another which is not a good sign. However, one study titled “Standardised water-soluble extract of Eurycoma
longifolia, Tongkat ali, as testosterone booster for
managing men with late-onset hypogonadism?” in the First International Journal of Andrology accepted 7 December 2010 (doi: 10.1111/j.1439-0272.2011.01168.x) conducted a non-blind uncontrolled study with 320 male patients with test levels below 173 ng/dl (what the study design stated as low, units have been converted from nmol/l from the studies original text). The study participants were given 200mg (2x100mg capsules). Of the 320 participants only 76 remained compliant for the entire 30 day observation and the mean and median total testosterone levels increased by an amount that is statistically relevant (163 ng/dl before and 240 ng/dl after 30 days, 162 ng/dl to 219. Median age of 51 of the remaining participants). So there maybe some truth, while statistically we can see some evidence, it is not enough to bring someone from hypogonadic to age appropriate levels. While one may say just take more, it is not see easy due to its mechanism of action as currently understood. Eurypeptide activates CYP17 aiding in the conversion of prognenolone and 17-OH-pregnenolone to DHEA as well as to androstenedione and testosterone (Ali & Saad, 1993).

Lol, no I am 35.

No, its this one:

Thanks @grungephreak,very kind words man and thanks for the link.
I will do an update after the read with new questions.Thanks

PS. About injections,what its the better approach in your concept?Im or Subq?

I’m glad you found the information useful and I look forward to hearing more from you.

Given my professional background I like to let science lead the way. Unfortunately with regard to your question I have not located a study that compares IM v Subq injections in humans. We can however read between the lines of exiting datasets. Great care should be given when doing so because it can quickly lead to the equivalent of predictions by reading tea leaves. We notice often that literature does not for example support the use of aromatase inhibitors nor HcG. This should be unsurprising as much of the studies we have of castration and come from rat studies (afterall castrating men for the purpose of a temporary study is often frowned upon. Especially when you castrate a second group so that you may have a proper control group). Rats are injected in study after study with depot testosterone (various esters) with subcutaneous injection NOT intra-muscular. These studies, on the rare occasion they do test for E2 or estrogen’s at all appear to have lower E levels than the humans we see on this board and others like it. Now, correlation does not equal causation, and rats are not a 1:1 replacement for humans. So take it with a grain of salt, but personally I am switching from weekly injections of 1ml of 200mg depot test via IM, to 0.5ML of 200mg depot test SQ every 3.5 days. My E2 is high and my SHGB is low, so I will do this for 30 days and then rerun the labs and see what sort of dataset comes back to base my decision on continued administration. Once I have that data I will begin using an AI if/as needed.