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Need Upper Body, Definition Help


I just started working out again and want to bulk up from the waist up. I also want to get a nice cut. I dont want to be Mr. Olympia, just get the pec, arm, and ab definition.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


do you have examples of what you'd like to look like?

brad pitt in fight club?


well creating definition and bulking up are kinda on the opposite ends of the scale


I'm gonna thread hi-jack.

I know that cutting out lower-body is a big no-no, but what about if someone wants to move more towards leg maintenance and upperbody hypertrophy in regards to adding size?

I've trained legs intensely throughout athletics (our coaches were smart) and pretty much did squat, deads and cleans, all 3 per week. My legs are my only genetic gift really, so thats why I'm looking to focus more on my upper body, but I don't want to cut leg training out completely (it's actually my favorite, since it's the movements I'm best at)

Proof is:
Squat 275 x 5
Deadlift 315 x 5
... Bench MAYBE 205 x 3 :confused:
or thigh = 25", Bi = 13" :confused:

I was thinking of doing a 4 day split, in which one day is legs and includes like a 3x3 on a couple big compounds (as heavy as possible), then just do plyometics, sprints, etc. (similar to a WS4SB type workout).

Stupid? Good? Yes? No?


Liposuction and/or Lasik surgery. lol.

On a serious note, if you wanna look like Brad Pitt on "fight club" you just have to reduce your bodyfat percentage.


No point in doing that if you don't have any MUSCLE.


LOL go back to bbing.com


You aren't even at a point where you would just have to "maintain" your lower body. What kind of split are you on? if you want to PM me, I've had the same problem, and can maybe help.


I would like to add about 15-20 pounds and get the definition of a Brad Pitt i fight club or any of the other guys that you see in the magazines and that I can take of my shirt and not be embarassed by whats underneath.

I have thick legs for my heigth so those are bot an area of concern for me. They have the size and definition that I want.

I guess I want to do both, add size and a nice definition. I dont need to see every muscle but just a nice definition.

Does that make any sense at all?


we don't do that here.

www.meatspin.com is pretty good for people looking be like brad pitt. No shame in that, just check out that website.


people are so lazy. There is a plethora of information on this site to reach your goals. If you are unwilling to find the answers yourself(or educate) then you will fail to reach your "skinny legs/built upper body" goal.


Then what exactly do you do here? Is this a site for those that are just looking to be the biggest? Or is this a site where a newbie can come and ask questions to get the results he desires?

And I am not lazy, just a newbie and have no idea where to start.

I guess I was hoping that someone would point me in the right direction.

Looking like brad Pitt, I can never do but I do want to just be fit and make the right choices to get to where I want to be physically.

I apologize if I offended anyone but I really have no idea where to start. I have always just ate what I wanted, when I wanted. I have never been that concerned with what I eat but now I want to be healthy and create a healthy lifestyle.


First off, I'll appologize. As a bodybuilding and strength sports forum, we advocate training the WHOLE physique. This includes legs and back. Which is something Brad Pitt (Who's considered a joke here. Literally) doesn't have. Pitt is a lean guy who gets good camera shots. He has no real muscle mass at all. Now for example if you had posted here wanting to look like Sandow, who isn't even very large by today's standards We (I) wouldn't have assumed you're
a troll. As a subculture gym rats have a lot of cues that set them off about the ignorence of the outside world. Pitt is a big one. Let's hear about some goals, and something as ill defined as "looking like brad pitt", got a bodyweight and bodyfat goals set? How about measurements? We're here to help.


I'm going to assume you're an average skinny-fat american male. Roughly 5'9" 170 pounds. I would recommend 8 weeks of starting strength, followed by a split routine

lat pulldown 4x12
rack deads 2x10
machine row 3x12
"kroc" row 1xfail

bb incline press 5x5
flat db bench 3x10
flys 3x12

Squat 5x5
glute hams 3x8
leg exntetion 3x15
standing cable abs 5x15

DB overhead press or high incline (bottom half only) 4x8
front raises 3x12
face pulls 3x12
seated dumbell 'power cleans' 4x15

standing bb curl or incline db curl 3x10
machine curl 4x15

skull crushers 4x8
cable tris 3x12

This is quite a bit of volume for a beginner. I would wait until after starting strength.

Starting strength:

db power cleans:

Kroc rows

good squat form:

let me know if you need anything else.