Need TRT Dr in Phoenix, Advice?

I am new to this site and have been lurking and reading up as much as i can. There is a ton of information and it has helped me tremendously. I have had the symptoms of low T for about 5 years now but never put 2 and 2 together until things got so bad it really started affecting my job performance and marriage. I became a pushover at work and had strong flight response to the smallest triggers, I would get hot flashes and get really teary eyed. I was able to tolerate all of the other symptoms but these specifically motivated me to seek help. I found this site and had an apt at a local TRT clinic the next day.

Sure enough the labs came back showing low T, and I felt empowered that I had uncovered the root cause and explanation to how I was feeling. I am 4 weeks in to TRT and am feeling great! My whole life has improved and I couldn’t be happier.

Problem is I am paying 40 per week to visit the clinic, (insurace bcbsaz) I don’t know if this is the standard or if it should be acceptable cost, but I am panicked that I will be paying this every week for the rest of my life? On top of labs, etc and the premiums I already pay it feels like a lot.

I would rather get a prescription and self inject if it will help with costs but don’t want to play trial and error visiting drs only to get another bill and no Rx.

Anyone in the PHX area have bcbsaz insurance and on trt? Where do you go and how much out of pocket do you pay. Is it cheaper to get Rx and self inject? Am I being a cheapskate and 40 per week seems reasonable?

Any guidance is appreciated!

I am new to TRT also (only a week now), but I find Dr. Bartels in Scottsdale to be very good. Despite what you might think from his website, he has a very large following of male patients. He won’t allow self-inject (at least not so far), but is very good to work with as far as getting things regulated. I have no insurance, and it only costs me $25 per injection.

I think that once I get on a routine I might go to my PCP who knows me well and probably would prescribe for self-inject.

I was in the same boat as you. I have bcbs also and was paying 25 a week. I took my records from the clinic I was going to and gave them to my primary doc. She gave me a script for the test and let me inject at home. Bad thing was she was unwilling to give me a script for an AI or hcg. I finally found a doc in ahwatukee who lets me self inject and gives me a script for hcg, but not for an AI. Post up your email and I’ll send you his contact info.

I would be interested in the info about the dr that would prescribe the A.I. and HCG. I’m up in Flagstaff and have not found a dr that would prescribe all 3.

hey is there any way i could get your doctors info, im in the same boat. i go to vitality and they charge 445 every week