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Need TRT Doctor in Long Island


Hello All,

I am new to the forums and am looking for a doctor on Long Island? I have been on HRT for about 2 1/2 years and my numbers are still only in the high 200's and my doctor is pleased with that. I think they should be higher. I have tried androgel, axiron, and shots and finally went back to androgel for the ease.

My doc is very conservative and feels that if I am within the normal range (248-900) then I am good. I still suffer from symptoms though. The only reason I stopped shots is because I would get cysts on my chest, face and neck. I am thinking of giving another doctor a shot to see what they think. I am looking for a doctor that takes insurance also. Thanks.


Mellinger Urology Garden City. That's my doc for thirteen years. Was head of urology for Winthrop Hospital. He is doc for som on this board. Prescribes T, HCG, clomid, arimidex.


Does he allow self injection?

I have been with another provider for eight months and I would like to self inject...I do not like going to the office every week and coughing the co-pay. The time and money is problematic.

Let me know.



I have an appointment tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes as well as the self injections.



I don't know why a physician would have grown adults wasting their time by having weekly visits.


Yeah, agreed. I get it for the first few months to normalize and get comfortable, but after that, like you said, I'm an adult, don't need to go to a clinic weekly to get a shot. My dad is diabetic and shoots three times a day.

So I will probably also make an appointment and see what happens.



How did it go?


What area are you guys from, Nassau or Suffolk?


I sent you an email but it came back undeliverable.


Appt. went well...kind of. He gave me a script for 100mg's of test a week, and he is letting me self inject. That amount pretty much doubles what I have taken in the past. As I have stated I think my levels were way too low with the androgel, so I hope this helps.

I asked him about the ball shrinkage issue as androgel, or any test for that matter, has caused me to have that issue. He said there is nothing that can be done. I have seen in numerous threads that HCG is used for that. I guess he wanted to start off slow and we can take it from there. I have another appt. with him in July and I will ask for HCG.

I am located in western suffolk. Thanks for the referral Brick.


Hmm, I'm not sure why. I think I might have put gmail instead of aol with the same name. Try the other instead. My email here was taken off so I now am aware not to share email addresses here.


Hey man bumping an old thread but im im dire neeed of a trt doc is dr. Mellinger still good to go to?


Yes. I’ve seen him for sixteen years.


I had an appointment with another urologist today, I think it went well blood work will tell along with the follow up to see what he puts me on. How does dr.mellinger do things? Low test then gives test cyp?


Hey Dx I was a former patient of Mellinger and I thank him for finally figuring out that I had low t but I would not recommend staying with him long term. He started me on 100mg test cyp 1x a week. Felt good for about 2 months them started feeling symptoms if high estrogen. When I approached him about it he kept brushing it off and basically refused to check estradiol saying I was on too low a dose. Long story short I could not find a good doc on the island for proper mgmt of trt. I was reccomended to defy medical in Tampa. Had a consult 2wks ago and started treatment with them. Much more knowledgeable and not expensive.


Thanks for the input brother! I did look into defy but if my insurance can cover it why not. I met with a urologist in New Rochelle today and I think it went well. I have to wait for him to get the bloodwork back and go from there. Im trying all my options before I look into Defy again. We will see, if it goes good ill deffintly let you know who this doctor is and you can try him out


Thx dx , definitely keep us posted good luck


Dr Michael rotman in Lawrence. Saw him on a thread in excelmale answering a bunch of trt questions. I can’t personally vouch for him as I did not see him. Once I hit a roadblock with my Endocrinologist I expect to see him. He’s a urologist. Let me know how it goes.


I emailed you.


Is there an issue with rotman?