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Need TRT Doc in Maryland (found doc new protocol!!!)

Folks, I have seen 2 endocrinologists and both are telling me I should not be on TRT, and def not on aromatase. But I’ve seen nothing but positive results over the year!

Does anyone have any recommendations for a TRT doc in DC/Maryland/VA area?

Thank you


Try NavaCenter. I live in MD and that’s the first place I went to when I realized my low-test symptoms needed to be dealt with. I went to the office in Columbia, MD. and they were very thorough. It’s a wellness center though, so it will cost you more than if you went through a GP first. They have a LabCorp on-site and will submit labs to your insurance company, which is great! For Test and AI though it will cost a little bit, roughly $1300 per year. I think they just opened an office in Chevy Chase MD as well.

You can go for months trying to go through the normal medical/insurance process to save a few bucks, and maybe get where you need to be in six months, or you could go to NavaCenter and be “up and running” in 2-3 weeks.

I recently switched to DefyMedical out of Florida, and I recommend that practice even more. They can do almost everything over phone/email, and help you coordinate anything you have to do with a local LabCorp or Doc (for general physical exam) with lots of local places here in MD. They ended up being a relatively inexpensive option for me, and if you research their website you’ll see they provide a really wide range of services.

There is a finding a TRT doc sticky


Thank you very much! I live in Ellicott City! Ill check it out!


Hey everyone!!

So its been a while and ended up going to the TRT doc in Columbia. After a few months of trying to dial in T-Injections, just couldn’t get it right. So I decided to go with pellets from the docs recommendation.

First lab results after a month are very promising! Finally after 2 years of trying different protocols.

Still need a few tweaks but very easy to resolve now i think. Current labs after 30 days on pellets.

Dehydroepiandrosterone-436 (H)
FSH-.04 (L)
LH-<0.1 (L)
Free T-43.10 (H)
Insulin like growth factor-214


  1. Need to research how to manage free-T
  2. Obviously FSH and LH
  3. My libido is not great still ( I do get sex on average 2x a day) (But i don’t seem to get very hard or stay hard)

Any input or suggestions are always welcome

Thank you in advance!


Numbers look good, but do change with pellets.

FT is fine.

LH/FSH never need to be checked again when on TRT. Waste of time+$$

Take less DHEA if taking supplements.

Some tadalafil EOD will be great for hardness. Try to concentrate on sensations [sensate focus] and not anything else.

[quote]Friedman wrote:
I recently switched to DefyMedical out of Florida, and I recommend that practice even more.

Not to hijack the thread, but what’s the ballpark cost for DefyMedical? I recently started with a clinic that’s $199/month out of pocket for T+hCG+AI and blood work. Just trying to find the best deal while I build my case to try to convince my endocrinologist to prescribe TRT so that insurance will pay for it.

Many of the clinics are in the business of getting you on reoccurring billing, not looking at your overall health and getting a proper diagnosis. For them, low-T is the diagnosis. For others low-T is the symptom. You should be looking at overall hormone and metabolic health.

I agree with ksman, these docs do seem to want to work you with reoccurring charges. I don’t pay them, I look at my numbers hear what they have to say and pay for what I need and no more.