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Need TRT But Can't Get It


I feel like absolute crap. Can barely force myself to get out of bed or do anything else. Work production sucks, erections are weak as hell, no drive and no enjoyment of anything. Two doctors and neither willing to go the TRT route. They both were very quick to change the subject from T to depression. They both were quick to advise anti-depressants.

Yes, I feel depressed, but that's because I hate everything about the way I am right now. Since I can't get TRT from my Dr., can anyone help with suggestions on other ways to treat myself? Are there OTC supps. that will increase my T? I'm also worried about Estrogen, I'm starting to get man boobs on top of all the other problems. Suggestions anyone. Soon please, Life sucks right now.


Maybe some of the guys on here can point you to a doc near you. What state are you in? Sorry if its by your avatar.

Google Ag.guys and buy some Ana too. That'll get rid of your estrogen problem.

Its a pain to buy Test and HCG w/o a script. If you go to one of the rip-off anti-aging clinics, they'll help iou but you'll have to travel there once to meet the doc and they'll want a bundle in fees up front. Vegas and Florida have lots of these docs.


Thanks Hh. I'm in TN. What is Ana?


Anastrazole a.k.a. liquid adex.


so anastrazole can be used by guys that not even on hrt? kinda like using reservatol supps?


More effective, but you need lab work to know what you are doing. Some with low T also have very low E and anastrozole might not be a good idea.

Join LEF.org and get their 198 male panel before the sale ends June 2nd. You will pay for this out of pocket. With hard data, you can better confront your doctors. You should also get tests for LH and FSH. Navigating through the tests is not easy. You will then know what is wrong. Your thyroid may be part of this too. Maybe you can get your docs to test for that. T4, Ft4, Ft32, TSH.

Skin can get frail and dry/scaly with low thyroid levels. Also leads to low energy, fat gain and feeling cold.

Low T can make skin thin and inelastic. Pinching up the skin can have a very slow recovery, like a very aged person. TRT can completely restore the skin. Also nails can be slow growing, thin and brittle, but low thyroid levels can do that too. It is not so hard to get a doc to treat hypothyroidism, but many docs can do it very wrong.

If thyroid levels are bad and restoring thyroid levels still has you hitting the wall, test for adrenal problems. Thyroid and adrenal problems sometime occur to together in guys who are hypogonadic. If this occurs and LH/FSH are also low, then there may be a general problem with the pituitary gland and it should be x-rayed or MRId to check for tumors. A blow to the head or severe whiplash can damage the pituitary and cause low testosterone and perhaps the others as well.


I'm just really burnt out with all of this. I finally thought I found something that would help me and I can't get the doctors to go along. Everything I have read about low T fits. I'm at the lowest of the lows and when I went to my new doctor yesterday wanting to get into a TRT, and he didn't even give it the time of day, I felt like just giving up. I don't have the energy to keep trying to get fixed. I know it in my gut, it would help me.

I feel like a major disappointment now. This is not what a man is supposed to be. I'm running out of the last bit of energy I have to keep trying to be a husband and father. I keep telling myself to stop being such a pussy, to suck it up, but I just haven't been able to.


Getting the LEF labs will be a positive step, and you will have some hard data to work on. You will gain a sense of control and truly know what you are dealing with.


You need labs work before you can get help. No good doctor is going to treat you unless they see lab work that goes along with your sympytoms. KSman has given you a good place to get labs.


There's a doc in suburban Atlanta who does TRT, but I can't remember his name. Any help, anyone?

Try a google: anti-aging Tennessee. There's got to be a doc in Nashville or Memphis that specialises in this. You may have to drive a few hours but at least its a beautiful state! ;D

Most doctors are very uncomfortable with this. At the very least, take some of the links (see the Estradiol sticky in this forum) and ask him if he knows ANY doc who would possibly help you. If not, keep searching (and get the ANA asap --- start with a very low dose, like a drop or 2 per day).


You need labs.

Demand that your GP test your total test, free test, and E2. Other guys can chime in if I missed anything.

If those come back low, demand a referral to a urologist who does TRT.

There will probably be further tests then to see if you have primary or secondary hypogonadism

Or just cut to the chase and go see a urologist -- (I say urologist rather than endo based on my personal experience).


I got one. Exactly how old are you? I was on HRT because my test was supposedly low and my old doc almost killed me. Turns out he was giving me to much. 100mg of Test Cypionate every 30 days. I had the same symptoms you did, except my sex drive has never been my challenge.

My new doc took me off of the test after diagnosing that is what caused my BP to around 195/120. Now I'm all good, as he diagnosed me with stress induced PTSD.(see my profile) I take antidepressants, but hate it.

I'm not a doctor so I wont even try to figure out what you need to take or what is wrong. That is all so technical, HRT.

My new doc said, the dose was to high and my test levels were around 700 plus after 3 months of HRT at 40yrs old. He did say low is to be around 350. But again Im no doctor.


TT needs to be in the upper range, perferrably 850-100. 350 is not going to do anything. Your BP problem may simply be something else that is disclosed with high-normal TT numbers.

100mg/wk is the benchmark dose. Injecting once a month is completely bogus.


Just concurring with KSMan on this,

100mg of test every 30 days is NOTHING for a patient who actually has low testosterone.

100mg WEEKLY would be a good dose for many. But not everybody == I am on 200mg weekly.

Sounds like you had something else wrong, not low test. Glad to hear it is working out.


Thanks for the posts and suggestions. I'll work on trying to get labs. Looks like they are pretty expensive, so I won't be able to do it very soon. I wanted to try Anastrazole in the mean time, but it looks like that'll cost me $200 for a month supply. Any other suggestions or substitutes? I have to get started on something now, I'm miserable.


...I suggest that you not start taking anything, especially Anastrozole, 'til you can get the proper blood assays done. Save your money, you need to have a true baseline to work with. It is a**-backwards for you to start trying to treat symptoms without knowing the actual cause...hebs


I agree with you on that, My old doc said mine was low at 350, when it was tested. My old doc told me for my age, 40 at the time, 400 was "normal".

Here in the Mile High, they don't do anything unless your test levels are considered "low for your current age". My new doc told me what was happening, from best he could tell the Cypionate was not doing much and then my body started kicking in and producing test and the old doc should have kept tabs on it but he didnt. High blood pressure can be associated with High test levels, according to the new doc. (I do recall seeing that in a journal somewhere)

I also had a chance to look in a nurses version of a PDR. "Normal" Dosage ranges for test is 750-800mg a week. Supposedly after that, there is high potential for side effects. I had nothing wrong with me prior to the HRT other than the same symptoms our poster has.

I didn't even know I had "PTSD". But apparently rolling up on 6 suicide attempts by my Ex, pulling dead kids off railroad tracks, scooping up dudes in a bucket and pouring them in body bags, pulling burnt bodies out of cars, working deaths where the body had been in the heat for up to 5 days in a house, and getting run over by an 18 wheeler while calling calmly for help, all just to name a few ordeals,is enough to make it full blown. The law enforcement supposedly did the base building and the ex shoved it over the top. Who knows that could have been the contributing factor prior to the HRT.

My whole point it this, go to a good reputable doctor and lab with a history of doing the right tests for what you are looking for. I blindly followed what my old doc advised, my bad. Not anymore though.


DON"T TAKE ------- ANYTHING --------- until you get your labs done.

You need accurate numbers.

If you are truly suffering from low testosterone, you do not want to take something that will push you up into the "low normal" range.

If you are in the "normal" range many doctors will be reluctant to treat you.

Insurance will cover these tests.

If you do not have insurance, KSman has mentioned the Life Extension offers a pretty good price on labwork to its members.


There's a lot of missing information here. Like how old are you? What is your body composition? What sort of nutrition and training program are you on? Why haven't you had blood tests as part of any even half assed physical exam?

Plus, I'm curious how you've been talking to your doctors. If I were a doctor and some guy came in and said "I'm depressed and I think it's because my testosterone is low" I'd be very suspicious.

If I were you, the words "depression" and "testosterone" would never leave my mouth.

I think you need to look at things a little differently. First off, you don't actually KNOW anything, except that you feel like crap. So you shouldn't want anything from your doctor except to find out why. Period.

Depression is a buzz word and while we all know that it is actually a valid medical symptom, most doctors aren't going to look at it that way as crazy as that is. But that is the way it is so be smart when you see a doctor and focus on purely physical symptoms.

You want a buzz word that will get you some action... "suddenly." Doctors LOVE suddenly. "I usually have a lot of energy and I usually wake up feeling great, but suddenly, about two weeks ago, it all went away. Now I feel like crap and I have to drag myself out of bed. Can you find out what's happening?" Now you've got his interest and he's going to do everything to find out what's going on.

You shouldn't have any opinions about your problems because as soon as you start talking about your opinions, your doctor is going to start giving you his opinions and right now, all your opinions and all his opinions are worthless. The goal is to do real diagnostic tests and find out what is going on. Everything you do and say should be geared toward that.

So like I said, there is a lot more going on here than what's been said so far and any talk about testosterone or other therapies is silly at this point.


First of all, I'm 39. Next, I never said I went to my doctor and said "I'm depressed and I think my testosterone is too low." I had been going to the first doctor for years and he wouldn't even entertain the idea of testosterone being a problem. From the get go when I mentioned my symptoms, he diagnosed it as depression.

We tried several anti-depressants and nothing got better. In fact, the erection problems worsened. So then he just threw Levitra at it. I wasn't any better and my self esteam was even worse. He just kept wanting to try different anti-depressants. I got tired of his bullshit and found a new doctor.

This one is my age and a few friends of mine told me he was very easy to talk to. During the time I was with my first doctor, I started trying to find out for myself what else could be going on. I found some stuff on the internet, where I also ran across this forum, and everything sounded like it was my testosterone. That is why I mentioned it to my new doctor.

I didn't go to him and say, "Hey Doc, I'm depressed and I think it's because my testosterone is low." I'm F---ing miserable and I got right to the point with him. I told him what all my symptoms are and that I need to do something, and I didn't care what, to get better. I told him that I had no luck with the anti-depressants. I wish I would have stressed to him that it was my opinion that my testosterone was too low up front.

Because he ordered a blood and urine test and I didn't find out until the follow-up that he didn't even test for that or estrogen. He focused on my thyroid, which turned out to be fine. At the follow-up, he floored me when he said that he thought I had depression and that he wanted to try an anti-depressant. I told him I had my share of those and that I didn't want anymore.

I had printed out a bunch of material on TRT and took it to the follow-up. He looked at it for all of 30 seconds and said that it would be very unusual at my age for this to be a testoserone or estrogen problem. I again told him that I was starting to get gyno and was having erection problems, and all the other !@$%$#% symptoms.

He looked at my labs again and then asked if I snore. I said yes. He then said that I probably have sleep apnea and said that it can cause all the symptoms that I have. He referred me to a sleep specialist for a sleep study. The next day I cancelled it. My damn sleep problems came from me becommimng a fat-ss after all these symptoms came on. I snore because I am now a fat-ss. I didn't become a fat-ss because I snore.

I don't understand why no one wants to talk about TRT. I tried talking to him about it, but da-n, how much do you argue with a doctor? I'm sick of this sh-t.

I understand after getting the responses on this board and doing some other research that I really need complete labs. The problem is that I don't have a bunch of money lying around to pay for all this. My dam- insurance won't cover it if my doctor won't go for it. I will get the labs as soon as I can. I'm pretty sure I've made this clear, I am absolutely miserable.

As for your question about my body comp., I don't know a number. It is safe to say my body comp. qualifies as FAT-SS! My nutrition is for shi- and I get very little exercise. Maybe I wasn't clear in my earlier posts when I said I have absolutely no more energy, drive, ambition or enjoyment of life. I'm not making excuses bro, I just can't muster up anything. I have some numbers from the labs my doctor did, I'll post them shortly.