Need TRT and Cycle Advise

Alright im new so ill post stats first. im 24, 6ft 1, 220lbs, id say around 10-12%bf, and been training for about 3 years. ive never done a cycle but was plannin on doing a test e cycle at 500 mg week for starters. well i had symptoms of low test so i had some blood work done and sure enough my total test was 198ng.

also the doc said my prolactin was very high and suggested i get an mri to check for a pituitary tumor, but i cant afford it at the moment. so anyways he has put me on testim 50mg a day and wants me to come back in 3 months to check my levels. to me that is too long to wait.

i tried to get him to prescribe me injects but he said i would have to come in to get the shots because its a controlled substance=bs! this gel is a pain in the @ss, i hate it. Not to mention i already have my gear on hand and it expires in a lil over a year and im eager to get started, but all this is holdin me up.

Should i quit the gel, do my cycle and cancel the apointment a week b4 and bring my levels back down so that he’ll never know? Should i just get a new doc because this one is just jerkin me around? i have read plenty people say they do self injects… Any advise would be great!


Most of the TRT traffic is at the Over 35 lifter forum. Most of the guys on the Seroids forum are not needing TRT.

You doctor is an idiot, but he is not alone, that is mostly the norm for male HRT.

Go to the Over 35 lifter and start reading current posts.

If you lift and train, sweat, shower or swim, transdermals are not for you.

Your TT is completely tanked. Your can be estrogen dominant with high or low E when T is low. The E pushes up SHBG that can keep %FT low.