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Need TRT Advice

So i got put on TRT a few years ago and continued to use it for mental reasons, depression, anxiety ect.

essentially a low dose… At First was 200mg every 2 weeks, Last 1-2 years has been 200mg every 7-8 days, as i’m much more stable doing this.

However DR’s seem to think HCG Isn’t important and if i’m concerned i need to come off TRT, which i’m not in the right situation for doing that quite yet.

I however managed to to get myself some HCG, as was a little bit concerned about long term TRT Use when i want to have kids, Been running it for about 5 months, 300ish IU Every second to third day and my nuts have gained back to there normal size.

My HCG Is pretty much about to run out… But have a lot going on, so not in the right place to come off TRT.

so my question is, Given I’ve been on HCG on such a long term TRT cycle… Will it help? For when i go to come off TRT Even though i’m about to stop taking HCG, I.E Does it kinda refresh your nuts as they gained back there normal size, kinda like if i had come off TRT for a bit? so when i’m ready to come off at the end of the year there’s less risk for dead balls?

Wasn’t sure.

I have used TRT since 2001 and TRT and HCG since 2014.

Are you seeing a doctor for this or is it self-prescribed? 200 every week is quite a bit for TRT.

TRT is not intended for on-and-off usage. Why would a hypogonadal man stop using it?


Ditch the HCG until you are ready to start trying for kids. When you’re ready, add it back a couple months beforehand and then ditch it again after.

Running that high of a dose along with HCG… have you had blood work recently? I’d be curious to see your platelets and hct.

It will help. If actively trying to conceive, you are going to want to me using hCG. You will likely be able to decrease your test dose when on hCG. No need to use hCG if not actively trying to conceive. I would, however, take it for about six weeks every six to eight months in the meantime.

When i read these posts all i can think is that these people obviously were not that bad off before starting TRT. To want to just stop in order to have kids without trying on TRT first with hcg and FSH injections just tells me that its like no big deal going back to the way they were. I may be trying for child #4 in a few years and i plan to try everything i can while staying on TRT and if that doesnt work then we can get a dog.

I think such people just think of TRT as just something to do.

Last year at 30 my life was just like torture. I work construction as a pipefitter/welder and you have to be on the top of your game if you wish to stay employed and not spend your life collecting and waiting for the hall to send you out for another short term job. I was pushing my body to the absolute limit every minute of every day and would basically collapse when i got home. The 60 year old guys i work with seemed like they could run circles around me then go home and enjoy their afternoon not sleeping like me. I was getting hot flashes like a dozen or more times a day where I would start sweating to the point people would get scared and think I was gonna fall out, all while it was like 55° summer time was an absolute joke. Blood pressure was out of control, and life was meaningless. If I didnt have kids that needed me I probably would have thrown in the towel years ago. I just happened to get lucky with a Dr that was treating me for BP and was also on TRT and decided to test my levels. He saved my life.

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I had a similar experience. My life was becoming miserable when I became hypogonadal.

It is all relative. For some, a 10-20% decline is the end of the world. Others, they’ll need to be 50% down before they draw the line and do something. Still others, it is just the natural aging process and they accept being fat, tired, and non functional. Their solution is more food and more naps.

What sucks is I lived with it my whole life and had no idea what it was. I try not to get hung up on it but a lot of Drs should have recognized what was wrong over the years, and i just think about how my life would have been different if i had addressed it a decade ago. Instead it took me getting into female levels and my body self destructing to have something done.

I wouldn’t beat yourself up over that. Better late than never. Most guys that go on TRT will say they wish they would have done it sooner. As for the doctors, I know a few PCPs and they readily admit they are not trained in TRT.

Welcome to the club. No point in worrying about what could have been. Worry about now and the future if you’re going to worry about something.

Yea I don’t dwell on it. My life is good now. The one good thing about it is that my.ex wife is borderline personality and right out of her mind. Currently.on probation for all kinds of domestic charges against her last bf. I use to get punched in the face an attacked at least once a month for like 6 years. My extremely low T is probably the only thing that kept me from reacting and drilling her right into a coma.

TRT Was prescribed, originally once every 2 weeks, But I changed it to once every week as i found i was crashing (Few mates recommended) - Given how i was quite stable doing this the Doc was okay with it.

Using TRT changed my life from a mental aspect, Rid me of a lot of previous issues i had, Depression ect… Pretty much changed my life… Doc’s put my on so many drugs in the past for these issues, but kinda found TRT By Fluke… And it fixed it.

So i was quite happy keeping it as status quo, until wanted to start having kids, as been the most stable period of my life to be fair.

However the supply of HCG I had, ran out and didn’t manage to have any luck with kids during the process.

So I thought i’d perhaps delay it till I’m in the right space to go cold turkey and go natural, and see if i can get through it… But timing is crucial, Hence my question on coming off HCG.

My question was just trying to understand HCG.

Does the fact I’ve been using HCG? Kinda refresh my nuts from Long term damage, Given I’m just going to go back to normal TRT for the next maybe 4-6 months, Was just a tad worried staying on Test, but if i come off right now… There’s to many things going on, So would be a complete disaster.

I see above poster mentioned, HCG for 6 weeks every 6-8 months? So I’m assuming it’s kinda crucial to keep them alive (Refreshing nuts)?