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Need Travel Food Alternatives...


I travel (working) for a week each month. My hotel room has a microwave and fridge. I usually bring some of my food - but it's not easy to keep a clean diet on the road. I am working, so by the time I go to the gym, get ready for work, blah-blah - there isn't a lot of time left for food prep. I use shakes - but avoid MRP if possible. Any suggestions?


pot of peanut butter is your friend

and also make time for one hour every 3 or 4 days a cook a MASSIVE stirfry with meat and veg. then put it in a lot of different tuberware boxes. dont season or put any flavourings in the pan/wok exept salt and pepper then when the food is still hot and in your tuberware boxes add different flavours/sauces/spices to them all.

because theres nothing more boring than the same old flavours day in day out. once the flavour/spices etc are in. close the lid and give them a good shake. then allow them to cool at room temp then refigerate. most meats and veg will stay good for 3 or 4 days doing this.
and you could also freeze them.



Peanut Butter! Doh! Thanks.
Great tip on the stir fry. I make it a lot and DO get tired of it before it's gone.
Guess I need smaller tupperware - or maybe put the food in zip-locks or soon I'll be traveling with a Herman Munster sized cooler and lunch box.


Cook a bunch on Sunday and bring it with you (if you drive). Meat and veggies reheat well in the microwave. If you fly it is harder.


Thanks for the tips. I cooked and packed a cooler. Good thing I didn't use my (big ass) tupperware - The fridge is too small for a lot of stuff. I put it in bags and will heat it in a glass bowl.


Don't forget the staples of mixed nuts, beef jerky and Super Walmart. The latter is so you can buy a bag of spinach and frozen veggies. Of course, it could be any store but the SW is just about everywhere.

Frozen veggies easily cook up in the microwave. Also, you can pick up some fruit to have PWO for some good carbs and as a way to curb the sweet tooth.


Tuna + mayo
Cold cuts like turkey, roast beef, etc
Smokies, pepperoni, nuts, etc
Little tins of flavored tuna
Fresh fruit

Most grocery stores also have pre-cooked sliced chicken/beef/pork in the deli.
Don't forget "healthy" frozen meals. There's some that aren't that bad.


I'm in ATL now. I have (homemade) turkey chili, tuna, sweet potatos, fruit, oatmeal, nuts and homemade eggwhite/oatmeal waffles. Tommorow I go to Buckhead for my Saturday night cheat. Gotta love Hotlanta!


I travel a ton, too. I travel with almonds, tuna packets (love, love, love sweet and spicy tuna), salmon packets, protein powder w/ ground instant coffee.

When I'm in airports, I often pull out my bag of protein powder and ask the people working a smoothie or ice cream shop to blend it up for me with ice and water (most of the time they do it for free). If my travel is extended, I tote along my magic bullet (blender) and whip up shakes in my room.

I just bought a soft sided (purse size) cooler so I think I'm going to try packing up HB eggs and homemade protein bars, too.




Key for you is preparation as has been noted a few times.

Some of my favourite snacks and small meals when on the road and unable to refridgerate things properly include:

  • cans of tuna and salmon
  • tinned sardines in olive oil (GREAT P+F meal)
  • all kinds of nuts
  • beef jerkey
  • fruits that are easily carried without damage like apples