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Need Training to Stay in Shape

Greetings Everyone
i am male with 6 feet height and 155lbs weight. i basically need to share that i adore eating fast foods but also want to stay in shape. i dont want to build muscles or get bulky, just need to stay in shape and eat whatever i want to. so kindly suggest suitable training schedule.

Thanks in advance.

Won’t happen. Even if what you see in the mirror is “okay,” fast food will, over time, wreck havoc on your body from the inside. I would kindly suggest you change your lifestyle and dietary habits if you want to stay in shape, forget about a training schedule

Other than that, if you don’t care about having muscles and being strong, just find a hobby that you enjoy doing. There is no sense in going to a gym if you’re not interested in gym related things (muscles, strength, lifting things). Just buy a mountain bike, go hiking, play tennis, work in the yard, go play outside or something like that. Find something that you find productive.

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Just have a good breakfast and pick fast food that’s on the healthier side.

On top of that, do a physical activity a couple times per week (martial arts, team sports, whatever floats your boat) plus walk/ride a bit and do some mobility work.

that would certainly be living the dream

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I genuinely adore women’s buttocks

This probably not the website for you. Dont worry, at your height and 155 lbs you will need to put on 20+lbs just to look like you even lift

As above junk food will catch up with you. Anyway…

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Define being in shape? From your stats at 6 feet and 155 lbs your shape is a twig.… and im going to guess your also physically weak.

Translation, you really ment you want to maintain seeing your abs dont you?
And adding to what @RampantBadger mentioned you will need 20 plus pounds of BW to look like you lift ,along with a additional 30 or more to even remotely even be considered being bulky.

first you need to change your thinking style just put some bleach to your brain and delete this mentality from your brain completly wev been there done that and its not gonna work that way. if you continue this, you gonna be skinny shreded E.T lord of your shityy dreams forever.

İf you dont have serious muscle mass which is happening after achieving intermediate LIFTS(which you dont look skinny) you cant diet, just YOU CANT, your TDEE wil be very low and if you try it hard you will end up with some nutritional mineral…etc deffiencies low test levels and snapping some shit up.

if you are weak as shit just jump on fierce 5 or alphadestiny novice programme and milk those gains eat some food like a normal human being up your bf it will worth it when you are a novice.

After becaming late beginner or intermediate

First change training style to westside like shit. criss crossing hypertrophy and power training and doing some gpp work will give you a real muscle mass slowly if you gain serious work capacity it will give you high TDEE too.

you can start P.H.U.L., P.H.A.T., WSFSB, or alphadestiny NE

when you get some serious strength and mass may be even you can get trouble to eat enough calories.
if you keep your bf low you will look skinny anyway if you are a real natural unless you have very good genetics :smiley: