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Need Training/Lifestyle Advice

First off have to say I love all of your work and I value your opinion and that’s why I am bringing this question to you. I spoke to you semi recently about getting my neurotype result, I was one of Kyle Glickman’s coaches if that helps jog your memory. Anyway, I am sorry that this is long winded but I figured I should be thorough with details.

I’ve been training for quite a long time, probably about 10 years. I was a high level collegiate pole vaulter for DIII NCAA. All through my training career I was very intense, was in the gym for around 2 hours a day, trained mostly conjugate style throughout college coupled with some sprint training. I did abuse caffeine and pre-workout for the majority of my collegiate career. taking 2-400mg of caffeine pills before vaulting. By the middle of my senior year I weened off of all stimulants and felt great being more relaxed while competing.

After I graduated I went into a pretty significant depression that lasted about a year and a half. In my opinion I was living on cloud nine for 4 years in college, surrounded by friends, doing a sport I loved and succeeding in it, and then it all went away and I went into shock. I have been out of the depression for about 6 months now but I feel like something happened to my body during that time that still affect my training greatly.

During the period of depression I developed pretty serious GERD, I take medication for it now but it still pops up during some of my training session. My biggest concern is the nausea. I can not bring any kind of intensity to my workouts without feeling extremely nauseous anymore. I’m not talking about a 10/10 intensity, I can’t bring myself to a 6-7/10. At every workout I’m also so exhausted I have to drag myself home and take a 20 minute nap and then I feel fine.

I take tyrosine, and rhodiola in the morning, leucine before the workout, glycine after the workout, and glycine before bed. Sometimes if I feel too awake close to bed I will take P5P, melatonin, and valerian root extract. I generally sleep very well, I had good energy for months now, I look forward to training but it ends in disappointment almost every time.

I really want to get back to pole vaulting but I am the type of person that wants to do it right and that means training along side of it.

I really would appreciate your help, thank you so much!

This is how the neurotype was emailed to me so it is out of format.

                               |TYPE 1A|TYPE 1B|TYPE 2A|TYPE 2B|TYPE 3|

|Sub-Total “Principal” |31| |59| |69| |36| |33|
|Sub-Total “Secondary” |16| |46| |26| |30| |30|
|Sub-Totals “Others” |12| |22| |28| |25| |18|
|TOTAL |59| |127| |123| |91| |81|

Type 1B with a sedcondary dominance of Type 2A.