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Need Training/Diet Help for My Dad

Hello, my dad is 57 year I would like to find a good machine for him, he is a bit lazy so gym club for him will be complicated but a complete machine or something like that for the house why not.
Maybe rower a good? Thank for ur help

Also by what I can remplace eggs Oo he don’t like eggs goddammit

Have you asked your dad what he might be interested in?

Eggs are just protein and fat. Easy to find other sources of this, not so easy to replace in certain recipes.

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not so easy to replace in certain recipes.

It is for that, he eat some shit industry food, so by what I can change eggs? Not cheese…

Gym in house if it is not 2, 3,4 machine that will be good

I’m not sure. Buttermilk maybe?

As far as what to get him, I’d start with what he thinks he will use.

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I will talk more about machine with him this weekend and about diet, just for the morning I need help, I have only faith for eggs…

Just I would like some idea of good sport when I get 57 year he lost weight and muscle when the coronavirus happen and he get depression a bit because he was more alone when the virus start

Jogging, cycling, yoga, martial arts, lifting weights, hiking, dancing. All of these can be great but not if you don’t like doing them.

He’s a 57 year-old man. He’s probably going to do what he wants, not what you want him to do.