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Need Training Advice Please

Hi everyone.
Here is my situation…the wife might have a job opportunity at a resort doing research on bats and jaguars in mexico. Now if we go i will have nothing to train with. What equipment could i take with me with me to help me train and get stronger? I was thinking about the adjustable kb’s and bands, but i do not know how to use those nor if they are actually good devices to use. Please pardon my ignorance on those equipment peices, i just do not know much about them. I am looking for help …anykind. Now I can get my cardio done through running in the ruins. Thanking everyone who helps in advance

I don’t know how much this will help, but check out Pavel Tsatsouline’s Naked Warrior.
It’s about improving strength when you lack proper equipment.


I think they may even have a version that goes with a barbell now. I want to say I’ve seen that.

I wish it was a few weeks from now and I may be able to help you a bit more. I just got both a set of bands and adjustable kettlebell from Ironwoody’s.

But, I have yet to really test them out and have no experience with either yet. All I can say is they both look promissing and will at the very leats add a new interesting aspect to my training.

I would say both could be very use full and fairly mobile. With the bands being the most so seeing as no plates and such are needed. But If you were to load the kettlebell up with a good amount of weight just for the trip you could then adjust it down and up when ypu get there.

Power blocks were another great suggestion.

Along with looking at Pavels stuff I would also check out programs by Coach Davies, and think about some strong man Training. I have had fun, and some good results just finding heavy stuff to pick up and toss around, or atleast try when limited on equipment.

Hope this helps,

Bell work is excellent and I agree Coach Davies has plenty to keep you occupied. The band training is also excellent. Pick up a few books for yourself on the equipment. Pavel, Chek, King, Davies and Gracie have some great exercises just using the good ole’ human body. The training article about the Shamrock Lion’s Den training is pretty tuff and fun to test yourself with.
Get creative…you will get far.
good luck