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Need Training Advice for Long Cut

Hey everyone. Need some advice approaching a cutting phase. I need to lose something like 25-30 pounds to get my body fat in a acceptable range before I bulk. My training has been all over the place and I need guidance. I was originally thinking of running conjugate, but I’m not sure if I would get a little better results running more of a bodybuilding style of training. Something with a bit more volume and less intensity? Anyone have advice? I am not on any sort of training plan atm. Just lifting pretty much on instinct

Don’t know if this will help but here are my current stats
5’9 175-177
Bench 270
Squat 340
Deadlift 405
OHP 160

Really really good video. So basically I need a high volume approach while cutting so my body can hold onto muscle as I drop fat

You gotta factor in your reduced recovery because you eat less but yeah that’s the gist of it. I’m trying to do the same myself. When my program hits a volume phase then I’ll cut harder.

Do you think if I run a bro split or Push Pull Legs starting at 16 sets per bodypart and adding 2 sets per week for 4 weeks before a deload would be fine? At this point I’d rather just write my own program. Keep the main compounds around 3-5 reps and everything else 8-15 reps. I’m just trying to simplify everything

So it would look something like this
Week 1: 16 sets
Week 2: 18 sets
Week 3: 20 sets
Week 4: 22 sets
Week 5: 12 sets (deload)

Different body parts different volumes I think. Like your biceps can do like 20 Sets per week easy but if you did that with deadlift you’d overtrain.

Safer to go with similar training to what built you up to this level in the first place with volume work (not the program that let you peak and max).

Trying something random is a lot of variables out of nowhere and it’s hard to predict what would happen

How did you come up with that number?

I am probably 20-25% body fat if I’m being honest with myself

so just eye balling

At 5’9”,177, you’re not overweight, you’re over fat. Dropping 30 (to 147) would cause you to look sickly. I’d be careful with this “long cut” and treat it more like a recomp.

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The numbers don’t line up to me. Your lifting numbers really aren’t that bad for your height and weight.

Also, let’s say that you are indeed 20% bodyfat. 20% of 175 is 35. So, losing 30 of those lbs would land you at a mere 5 lbs left of bodyfat, and a bodyweight of 145. That would equate to just over 3% bodyfat.

So, you have decided that 3% bodyfat is ‘an acceptable range before you bulk’. Which means you have no idea what you are doing.

You need to completely rethink what you’re doing with this cut. The bodyfat level you’re talking about is likely lower than what competitive bodybuilders actually get to on stage. 3% is not sustainable, and it is unhealthy.

Assuming you do not intend to step on stage anytime soon, I would highly recommend working to recomp instead. Dropping maybe 10 lbs of bodyfat would probably be acceptable, but if it were me, I’d eat at maintenance calories, and try to continue to improve your lifts at the bodyweight you’re at now. I believe that’s a much better longterm strategy than dropping massive amounts of weight now.


Well, your stats are remarkably similar to mine. I weight maybe 5 lbs less than you, but those maxes and your height are pretty much what I would list for myself.

This is my thought, as well. When I weighed only about 163 a few years back, it really made me look too skinny. I know we all hold our weight differently, but your weight at those numbers does not scream “lose 25-30 lbs” to me.

This is my strategy; staying around 170 and improving my lifting numbers is what I am shooting for. Go to a cross country meet at a local high school and look at what 5’9" and 145 lbs looks like before you make that your goal.

These are all very respectable numbers. My guess is that, you are not gaining muscle the way you did when you were younger. I’m 5’7" and currently running about 200 at 15%BF.

The other guys are right, if you lose too much, you will look like shit and lose your lifts too. You need to get some of your larger muscle groups to grow, which will burn more calories and give you a foundation shape for you when you try to reduce calories.

I will just lose slowly and lift hard. Something like 2-3 pounds of fat loss per month.

That’s why I probably would not lose the weight all at once and take breaks in between. Maybe diet for 8 weeks and take a month at maintenance and repeat. I should be able to hold on to strength and muscle better this way

Fair point. I can definitely cut at like a 250 daily deficit and that would result in very slow weight loss and I can recomp that way as well. Do you have any advice when it comes to training?

What are your rest periods like when lifting? Do you do cardio? Any extra-gym activities that keep you active?

train in a way that suits your lifting/physique goals. I do not believe training should be centered around whether you’re trying to gain or lose weight. you do that with diet.

I rest 1-5 minutes depending on the exercise. I don’t do any other activities outside the gym as I’m already lifting 5-6x per week

I feel that training primarily for strength didn’t make much changes to my physique. Makes sense as the bulk of the training volume was from the big 3. I ran nsuns program from reddit. And I didn’t notice much hypertophy from that style of lifting.

I was thinking of just doing a high volume bro split. I may just do that and see how I respond