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Need to Vent, Sick Every Morning

I’m posting this mostly to just vent, but I’m also looking for a little advice. For the past 2 months I have been vomiting every morning. It’s part of my daily routine now, wake up puke for awhile, suck down a shake, head off to classes, then to the gym. I feel nauseous all day, at any moment I could vomit. Needless to say its tough working out, dead lifting is especially hateful, and even harder to get the calories I need.

This is do frustrating for me cause I’ve been bulking for the past 8 months or so. In that time I gained 45lbs. Now Im down 8lbs and am struggling just to maintain weight. Usually I can make it through my workout with just nausea, but occasionally I’ll go puke then drag my ass back in there and keep lifting. My bench press had gone down 10lbs as well which pisses me off. Worst part is I’ve been to the doctor like 100 times during this.

They have treated me for a variety of conditions with more medicine than I’d like to take. Nothing works and they still don’t know what it is. Got x rays yesterday and an MRI of my head tonight. I just need to get better cause I can’t stand training and losing progress, it’s driving me crazy.

What I want to know is a few things. One of them being is if I only manage to hit each body part once per week can I atleast maintain? Anyways my vent is over, gonna go try and eat something

doing a FBW twice a week should be enough to maintain your strength levels, or at least that’s what some authors say. personally speaking, I’m still following my usual 3 day split during Rapid Fat Loss and my 3-6RM strength is more or less the same, maybe slightly less than before RFL, though on baseline calorie days I can’t handle more than 1/3-1/5 of my usual volume.

also, your body might be telling you that it’s time to back off on the bulk. I had gained about 42 lbs (170 to 212) when I felt nauseous frequently and my appetite was decreasing. what exactly did you eat yesterday?

I ate very little yesterday, shake with peanut butter, fruit, and rice milk. Also some chicken for dinner snd a samdwich fot lunch. Its def a medical condition, my body is nowhere near where it can’t handle more size. I’m 6’2 185 right now.

[quote]bulkNcut wrote:
For the past 2 months I have been vomiting every morning. It’s part of my daily routine now, wake up puke for awhile [/quote]

Dude this is not something to take lightly. Just to clarify when you wake up do you feel nauseous and vomit or are you making yourself sick?

What does a full day of eating look like usually?

Sorting this should be much higher in your priority list than lifting weights. However if you really want to carry on try 2-3 times a week at most and for fuck sake, if you are vomiting mid-workout STOP!

Man, this is not good. Puking every day will really really mess you up. You really need to see a doctor.
Sure, the doc will tell you that you should not be doing anything extreme (and whether he is right about that is a different issue), but if there is a more serious condition, you will get help before it is too late.

Please see your doctor.

When I wake up I instantly feel like vomiting. I just get out of bed and go puke, I don’t make myself it just happens. It is really hard to answer what a full day of eating looks like for me. Before this I was eating a ton of calorie dense foods. Healthy stuff for the most part, no packaged or fried crap and all stuff that is home cooked.

I was getting about 3500 calories a day or so. Then this happened and things went to shit. I went a whole week eating like 800 calories a day and lost 10 pounds in that 1 week. Now some days I can get in enough just to maintain body weight but I have still been losing weight obviously.

I haven’t had anything other than a shake for breakfast in the past 2 months. I even ditched my mass gainer shake for a period of time to see if that was it, which it wasn’t. I am currently off dairy, but I know I’m not lactose intolerant.

@ Fat Bastad- The fucked up thing is I have been going to the doctor for the past 2 months. At first they said it was prlly from the antibiotics I was on and had me take probiotics. Then they said it was prlly constipation (even though I had BM’s like 2 times a day), then they said it was gastritis which I have taken 2 different medicines for that haven’t helped.

Now theyre trying to see if it has anything to do with dairy which im positive it doesn’t. I got x rays yesterday and an MRI of my head tonight so I guess we’ll see if that turns up anything.

was gonna say take lots of probiotics but i guess that did nothin, could be too high fatty of a diet i know i used to feel sick with that. if not then maybe its cause ur trying to eat to clean, when im bulkin i dont care what i eat anymore just keep the macros in check, its hard as fuck to eat 3500-4500 cals of chicken and rice my man.

but non the less doctors generally wont do shit for u keep going obviously but i find doctors are horrible about diagnosing chronic type sicknesses so ur gonna have to do alot of the research ur self around the net and try some shit out

Yeah I had been looking stuff up but decided it wasn’t worth it to keep doing that. haha some of the shit I was reading was just too stressful and I have no idea what it could be. I forgot to mention that I was also on a low fat diet per doctors orders for a few weeks. That was a bitch and obviously didn’t do anything. Thanks for the replies guys. I mean I’m not looking for someone to give me a cure its just helpful to run things by other people.

Damn dude that doesn’t sound good. Hope the doctor sorts something.

In the meantime try sticking to easy-to-digest foods to get the calories in. eg white fish, whey powder, fruit and fruit juices, dark green veg, skim milk etc.

Congrats! You’re having a baby!

Kidding aside that sucks, I’m sorry to hear that! GI problems can really derail your progress, due to mine I went from 230 to 180 in a month so I know first hand how awful it can be.

The best advice I can give is to get it checked out ASAP and DO NOT GIVE UP!! I went to see over 20 doctors before they figured it out. I now take 1 pill a day and I got back to lifting and now I’m up over 200 again and competing again.

Put your health first, you can always rebuild muscle later.

X2 on what CrewPierce said. Muscle comes, muscle goes (ouch), but get healthier. Sorry, I hope you get well soon.
How many doctors have you been to? How intense is your training? A while ago, I did big boy basics plus additional top up stuff, and I could not fall asleep. I’d wake up with a start in a couple of hours and feel restless… I toned down the intensity, and felt much better.

I’d train in heavy rep ranges 5x5, or ws4sb type work ramping up to a 3rm to make sure you hold muscle or at least strength.

Also until the docs find a solution maybe use this as an opportunity to focus on other areas of life work, studies, slut-hunting etc and just do some turn up and punch the clock workouts.

Thanks guys I appreciate it. Im def gonna continue to hit the gym. I know Im still a beginner as I’ve only been lifting for about 8 months now. But I have made this my life, and as a result I have learned a lot about training, nutrition, life, and myself. Ive been to 3 different docs so far and I’m scheduled to meet with a GI specialist soon. I am currently doing my own training routine, which started as a 3 day push pull but now is 4 days a week. 6-7 exercises per workout, mostly compound lifts.

@ crewpierce- haha thats hilarious man. Thats just what this reminds me of with the morning sickness and all. I have to get an ultra sound too… Sorry to hear about your setbacks but I’m glad you came back strong. The muscle was easier to get back the second time right?

This sounds so much like what I went through.

  1. Tested for infections through a blood sample and good there.

  2. Prescribed something to make my stomach less acidic. Nothing.

  3. Did two different gallbladder tests since my dad had gallstones. An ultrasound first, then an EF test. Again, nothing abnormal.

  4. Did an upper gastroendoscopy and nothing abnormal there.

  5. Prescribed an antispasmodic and got a little relief, but not much. Still a lot to be desired for.

  6. Prescribed a low level of the tricyclic antidepressant, amitryptaline. Worked like a charm. It was so good to feel normal again, I’d actually forgot what it was like not to be naseaus and in pain all the time. I became less irritable and far more productive.

Thank God I had insurance.

What I did during the worst of it was started drinking stuff like fruit juices and full sugar sodas. Ginger ale helped tremendously. I had to cut out all dairy. Only the leanest of meats. Like chicken and tilapia lean. Very little fat, but more simple starch. Couldn’t handle wheat bread so I had to get very simple starches like white bread, crackers, and white rice. The Biotest Grow! whey didn’t make things any worse, but any other protein I tried would. That would be GNC and dynamitize brands. Also, doing everything possible to reduce stress.

Good luck and don’t just let this become normal and ok. Keep seeking help for this.

edit: One more thing, the amitryptaline had some horrible side effects the first week, but by the end of it, the worst were gone. After 3 weeks, the only side effect was drowsiness (but I could take it right before bed). After 2 months, all side effects were gone and I only had the good part of the med (not feeling like crap 24/7). The take home message is don’t instantly give up on a med.

[quote]RampantBadger wrote:
I’d train in heavy rep ranges 5x5, or ws4sb type work ramping up to a 3rm to make sure you hold muscle or at least strength.

Also until the docs find a solution maybe use this as an opportunity to focus on other areas of life work, studies, slut-hunting etc and just do some turn up and punch the clock workouts.[/quote]

X2 on that i have had multiple injuries most def use it to expand ur mind is various ways, which every tickles ur pickle, it takes ur mind off of it, and its so hard to say but again eat dirt if need to bulk def easier on stomach( contradictor i know) but i used to feel the same way along with my bud who is in the same boat literally thought u were him for a minute until i read ur weight, i wish i knew wat stopped it for me, i thin intermitten fasting which i do every so often helps along with not eating anything for like 2 hrs b4 bed, i dont have a functioning gastral sphincter so if i eat and then sleep i feel like the devil has taken up host in my chest/throat which def leads to massive nausea. and from experience now i know u said u stoped but do not take weight gainer it fucks ur body in too many diff way

Yeah well I had been on the weight gain shake for 7 months before this started so I don’t think its that. You can never be too sure though.

@fletch- I just looked up the medicine you said you took, and noticed it was for depression. Were you feeling symptoms of depression throughout your fight with the nausea? Thanks for the help though. I know exactly what you mean when you said you forgot what it feels like to feel good.

No. It’s an off label use for it. Be sure you get other things checked out first to make sure your gut isn’t about to blow or something crazy. Your doctors should have an idea of what to check on. And remember, it was a low dose of the med. Not levels needed to treat depression.

The med before, the anti-sposmodic, was bentyl.

Edit: Some more things to try in the mean time is to avoid coffee and energy drinks like the plague. I also found altoid peppermint and cinammon mints helpful. No other brand helped because they just weren’t strong enough. Mint tea helped a little.

Yeah I kicked caffeine like 5 months or so ago just to be healthy. I’ve been drinking green tea with ginger in it which is about as nasty as it sounds. The ginger doesn’t help and neither has tums. I’ll try the mints though