Need to straighten my legs days out.

I workout 4 days

Hor Push/Pull
Leg 1
Vert Push/Pull
Leg 2

Where would cleans fit in here? Usually I do squats on day 1 and Deads on Day 2.

Could i do squats and deads on day one and then cleans day 2? Thanks. Oh, and any other comments or input would be great.

this is a bit too simple for someone to make suggestions where deads, cleans, and squats should be. can you clarify what workouts you do? even though we can assume what you do push/pull vert and push/pull horizontal, exact details are better for prescribing better recommendations.

You could do squats one day and cleans instead of deads the other day. Or you could have a squat day, deadlift day & clean day with the 4th day being upper body. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

I’ve had success utilizing Complex training techniques using the DL and the Clean. For more info on complex training check out the Strength Cats site.

You could do squats and stiff legged deadlifts on day one and cleans on day two.

Mike Mahler

A search gave me this:
In Polquin’s words:

I don’t know understand why power cleans and deadlifts are considered leg exercises instead of back exercises. Based on your principles, if you were incorporating these movements into your routine, you’d be doing a chest and a back movement on day one, and then doing cleans or deadlifts on the next day. Isn’t that working the back two days in a row? If so, should I change my split?

A: In deadlifts and in power cleans, the quads, glutes, and hamstrings are the prime movers. Hence, these movements are typically done on leg day. Back day is usually designed to train all the muscles of the upper back which are lateral to the muscles that extend the spine (i.e. erector spinae), laterally rotate it (i.e. multi-fidi), and laterally bend it (i.e. quadratus lumborum).

In other words, there’s really no reason to change your split.

-So throw in cleans on leg day one :slight_smile:

I would do the cleans on same day as the deads as they involve alot of the same muscle groups. From the floor to second pull a clean is almost indentical to a deadlift. I’d be tempted to limit the amount of deads and do the cleans on the same day first, while you still have the CNS unfatigued. Then do you’re heavy deads after.

So leg 2 would be cleans followed by deadlifts. The only problem as I see it would be that you’re grip may limit you if you do them after you’re vert. push/pull day but that is an individual thing and you could just use straps if it is a problem.

I do cleans to start my back workout. Gets all the juices flowing.

I usually clean before I dead lift.

Mitch Green

Ive found that doing my cleans before my deadlifts always worked well. Of course it depends on your priorities but cleans are better to do first as they are more technical and its safer/more sensible to do them if you arent shagged out from heavy deadlifting.

I always do my Cleans after deadlifting. I do this because after doing deads, with enormous weight, the Cleans feel light. Okay, the deadlift weight may not be all that enormous, but compared to the cleans it is quite a bit heavier.

I usually clean or snatch before deadlifts. Makes me nice and warm. And I loved it when a “tough guy” came up and asked what that does and wanted to try it with my bar. I only had 135 on it but I told him to be careful , that it takes practice but he tried anyway. Funny stuff.


Your idea of doing a four day split as Squats/deads/cleans/upper body sounds interesting for someone wanting to specialize on their lower half.

Did you have any specific ideas in how to go about this? …I really wish t-mag would write an acrticle like that.

I follow the same program as you layed out and I do my cleans and deads on the same day and Squats on the other day…I also do my cleans before my deads on that training day.


Check out Chad’s Anti BodyBuilding Hypertrophy program. Bobopunxs’ layout seems to be almost the exact same.

You all missed the point. He is asking how to straighten his legs, not make them stronger.

Why are you doing cleans?

I know a lot of people around here like the novelty of the O. lifts, but if you’re going to do it, do it. I mean like you’re going to compete in it even if you don’t intend on competing, ya know, because you’re a pussy and you don’t want to get beat…HAHA, j/k.

The only other reason for doing cleans is for athletic purposes, like most football players do. But I think you’re just trying to do too much.

Trying to get all of the benefits from squats, cleans, and deads in the same microcycle is kind of stupid in my opinion, unless you’re using the effects of one to bring up another. If you’re doing all this for a simple body building plan, then it’s too much. Pick one, (probably squats,) and specialize.


Ha! I thought the thread topic was, “Need to straighten my legs out”

Just thought that was funny. And yes, I KNOW I’m the only one laughing…sigh ah, to be me. ;-))

“The only other reason for doing cleans is for athletic purposes, like most football players do. But I think you’re just trying to do too much.”

Because you definately don’t get any hypertrophy from doing cleans. :wink:

Yeah, I never did build ANY muscle from cleans or snatches. Them “novelty” oly-lifts.

Uh huh, whatever.