Need To Stop Clen/Winny Cycle Fast. Need Help

Hi, i was going to get ready for a small show so i started 3 days ago clen and winstrol.
First day: 40mcg clen, 30mg winstrol
Second Day: 65mcg clen; 35mg winstrol
Third day (today): 80mcg clen, 38mg winstrol

Supplements i’ve been using: NAC, Taurine, Omega 3, Potassium, Multivitamins.
I have the worst nausea of my life today and i need to stop (i didn’t take anything during the past 2 years and my liver has always been healthy, i also lived a healthy lifestyle) I already stopped the winstrol and now i need to get off clen too,
I read that it’s bad for the body to stop clen right away and the dose needs to be lowered before stopping it.
Is it bad if i stop the clen right now or should i take 40mcg tomorrow, then 20mcg and then stop it forever?

I experience no other side effects except some trembling.

Which would be the best decission?
Thank you!

@hankthetank89 this is your time to shine


Just quit everything. 3 days is nothing.


Get off the forum and go see a medical professional/local urgent care/ER.

Given the elimination half life of 24-36 hours, you can stop completely now and your body will slowly taper off (washout) the clenbuterol over the next week.

Where did you read this?


Like mentioned in the other thread, not good to miss the labelled clenbuterol concentration on the box.

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Almost double the dose… that’s scary, and just one more reason I won’t mess with stuff like clen

Yeah, in the full paper one batch appeared to have 5x the labeled amount:

0.04 mg vs 0.22 mg per tab!


I missed that one, that’s insane

Thank you for the replies! My clen and win are pharma grade (also identification code on every blister and it also says if the code was used before or not), i hope the dose is close to the label.

A pdf book that i’ve read 6 or 8 months ago i can’t remember.

I guess i will stop today.

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Please stop today.

A medical professional will check your electrolytes, vitals, etc. Do not screw around with electrolyte imbalances and potential cardiac symptoms.

Using the word “hope” when working with clen not ideal.


Most patients with clenbuterol toxicity can be managed with supportive therapy, including IV fluids, potassium supplementation, and benzodiazepines for agitation. For patients who are very tachycardic or hypotensive, β-blockers such as metoprolol, labetalol, or esmolol, can be used to counteract the β-agonism of the clenbuterol. Giving β-blockers to a hypotensive patient may seem counter-intuitive. However, the hypotension is due to β-agonism, and use of pressors with β-agonist activity such as epinephrine or dopamine may exacerbate the symptoms [5,8]. Phenylephrine (with pure α-agonism) or as a second-line choice, norepinephrine (largely α-agonism) can be used in patients with refractory hypotension.

Myocardial ischemia and infarction can occur in young, otherwise healthy patients who abuse clenbuterol [8], though those with underlying coronary artery disease will be at an even higher risk. Patients with chest pain and an elevated troponin are treated with aspirin. In a case series of patients with clenbuterol-induced cardiac injury, some patients received clopidogrel or enoxaparin or even a cardiac echo or catheterization [7]. However, in many cases with conservative management and β-blockers, the chest pain resolved and the troponin trended down without additional intervention [5-7]. The half-life of clenbuterol is 25-39 hours [7], so patients will likely require inpatient admission depending on the severity of their presentation. If the patient used cocaine with clenbuterol, then use of β-blockers is not recommended because of the potential risk of unopposed α-agonism from the cocaine. In these cases, calcium channel blockers such as diltiazem can be used to manage the tachycardia [7,9].

Take care of yourself and best wishes.


Why? I dont see much i can say here.

Dude this is just fcking evil way to scare people :smiley:
That is a 61 year old in the article. Most people in the friggin world outside rich parts of Europe, US and Australia dont live much longer without ever taking any drug, lol.
Dead at 61, jesus fuck, thats a friggin good age to die, especially if you have been abusin Clen for 15 years, LMAO THE FUCK! I tought clen is ok for 2 weeks on/2 weeks off for like 3 cycles like that, maybe once or twice when you have no cardio equipment or all world has gone to shit because of Covid.
If you can live up to 61 year while overdosing clen for 15 years, that drug is safer than just walking in the streets in my country, haha.

No, start at 20mcg, always.

Increase dose by 10mcg a day. 20mcg if its not the first time. So first day 20, next day 30… etc.

Ooooh you must feel like a shit thats about to blow up any second now, am i right? :smiley: Haha, fun times.

Naah, you are fine, its 3 days, Clen did nothing, and winny also.

I dont really understand why u need to stop? Why even do such a shit cycle with no base?

Anyways, best decision - just stop it if you wanna stop. 3 days did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Imagine you went on a binge drinking weekend and now you are back. Same effect. You will be like new in 2 days.