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Need to Start Fresh. (Tips/Help)


I'm 220lbs, and 5'11, 25-30%bf
I have been lifting 2 years

Up to this point my diet has pretty much sucked, I would skip breakfast, eat shit, etc. Start of this year I began to improve on it but it still sucked. I began eating breakfast and stuff and "cleaner" but it all totalled to around 1800 cals and I wasnt gain mass or losing fat...which I def. got a lot of. It was hard to stick with a diet since I didn't know what to eat and got a little confused with all the info. That stressed me out and I ended up eating bad again.

But I recently decided I'm gonna change all this, I never rly had a goal either. So here it is, a year from this day I want to compete in a body building show. Why a year from this day? The show I want to compete is today, so a year from today I want to be in that show and not place last. (which will be my second goal.)

Anyway, I was told to follow Chad W.'s method of eating 1 gram per lbs of protein, veggies with every meal, fishoil and space this out over 6 meals.
I will follow that diet along with his 10x3 for fat loss routine till new years, then clean bulk the rest of the year. Hopefully at my stage, I can lose some fat and gain muscle at the same time to a certain point.
then, the last 12 weeks, cut down for show time.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciate it.


Its good that you have selected a goal for yourself, thats the first step in anything.

Read Coach CT's articles along with Berardi's. They have great tips on anything and everything regarding diet - as in cutting, bulking or just trying to get in shape - they also have great excersice plans.

Can you post your average weekly workout please, so some of us can critique that as well.

We can't do all the work for you but look around this website,their is a lot of great information.


well before it was routines like 5x5 and stuff.
I am going to use Waterbury's 10x3 for fatloss as my routine for the next 4 weeks starting now. After that, I'm gonna make one with more volume since in these 2 years of training. I never rly did a routine that had a good amount of sets in the 5+ range so it will be a good change of pace. I'm shooting to train more now in the functional hypertrophy zone. Ill post that one up when I need to, I wanna take it one step at a time.


I would like to keep track of your progress


Thats a great start! In the past when I was losing weight, I did a lot of compound excersises like, squats, dips, bench press, deadlifts, cleans, pull ups. etc. They burn more callories than doing solo excersies.. just a tip

Keep us posted on your status over the next few months.


kk, will do!
Thanks again!