Need to Revise Diet

A recent food intolerance test showed I had iGg reactions to:

Whole Eggs
Cocoa Beans
Cola Nuts

All the reactions were weak, except eggs, which was strong. I eat the first 4 foods pretty much every day. I very rarely or never eat the other foods. I’ve been told to reduce my consumption of all of them to about once every 4 days and to avoid eggs for 3 months so the iGg antibodies reset themselves, after which I can introduce them.

There’s no way I’m not eating oats, so rather than eliminate them or eat them only once every 4 days I’ve reduced my oat intake from 400g per day to 200g. Not eating the other foods doesn’t bother me.

The problem is I need about 450-500g carbs per day to grow. I’ve always based my diet on the Anti Skinny Fat Manifesto thread:

For carbs, it says to eat:

Vegetables (not limited to):

�?� Broccoli
�?� Green Beans
�?� Spinach
�?� Lettuce

(Potatoes and Corn Don’t Count as Vegetables)
Mixed Beans
Fruits (not limited to):

�?� Berries
�?� Apples
�?� Oranges
�?� Kiwi
�?� Grapefruits

Oatmeal/Oat bran
Mixed-grain bread
Brown Rice
Sweet Potatoes

I can’t eat lots of oatmeal - 200g per day of oatmeal for breakfast gives me 140g carbs. 200g berries brings that up to 160g carbs.

Mixed-grain bread would have either wheat or rye in it. I could make bread out of corn and durum wheat, but that’s awkward and I’d probably develop an allergy to it if I ate it every day.

So I have to meet my carb needs with brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, millet, fruit and yoghurt - anyone see anything wrong with that? Am I going to develop an allergy to rice, quinoa or millet if I eat them on a daily basis?