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Need to RefrigerateFlameout?

I just got my order of Flameout yesterday and I noticed that it says refrigerate after opening. Is it absolutely necessary? I am deployed right now and a fridge is not always available. Will it reduce the effectiveness at all?


does it really? wow i have never put it in my fridge…

It shouldn’t matter, just keep it in a cool, dry place. I would think putting it in the fridge extends it life and possibly reduces any fish burps.

well its never sitting out in the heat or anything and the worst heat it may endure would be a ride in a HMMWV till I get to work and its chilling at room temp.

im not to worried about the fish burps or the life time of it. im taking it as recommended so it will only be here for 3 weeks.

thanks for the response

O and also this is my first time posting on the T-Nation forums but I have been reading for a few months so just wanted to say hi.


you really should refrigerate any fish oil supplements that you have. By keeping them out even at room temp will oxidize them at a faster rate. Your fish oil will also become rancid quicker. Both of these will make your fish oil worthless, so put them somewhere cool.