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Need to Put on Big Weight....

hey im not a beginer but i didnt know where ot post this so…

heres the deal im a football player in highschool and im lookin to go to college for football… im gunna be a senior next year, and ive been looking at some other guys who play my position and well… they are a bit bigger then i am and i need to fix this… (im o-line preferbly tackle)

as of right now i am 6’2 1/2 to 6’3
i weight about 240 and im a good 23-30 % bf

now im looking to put on anywhere between 20-40 pounds… )id like to be 275)

i lift regularly mon,wend,fri uppers, tues,thurs lowers

but i think my biggest problem is my diet… i dont have alot of flexibility and need a good basic diet thats gunna help me reach this goal…

i have 9 months to meet this goal, and im hopping to get at least 45-70% of the weight gained to be muscle…

i mean i do eat alot, but not the right things.

for breakfeast ill normally have a muffin and some cereal and 2 glasses of milk.

lunch i eat what ever the school gives me (biggest problem) they range from greasy or extra greasy

and dinner i normally eat some form of meat (chicken steak pork turkey fish… along those lines) a veggie and some bread…

I dont have a very large budget so i need somthing fairly cheap and of my capability…

thanks for any posts!

P.S im also taking Surge and some protein powder.

Eat more protein. A lot more protein.

Keep hitting the gym as often as your body permits.

Rest properly, sleep no less than 8 or 9 hours a day.

Accept the fact that, in 9 months, you will not be putting on 20-40 lb and have that be mostly muscle.

how much of it do you think will be muscle?

Typically, you can expect to put on around 0.5-1 lb of muscle per week. That is, if your volume is high enough and your making tangible progress on your lifts.

edit: Keep in mind that these numbers don’t account for error or a monthly deload, so expect between 2-3 lbs a month.

alright so at 2-3 pounds a month, i have nine months.

thats 18-27 pounds of muscle… even if i get the 35 pounds i want it will still be, if the numbers are correct and i get a minimal of 2 pounds a month over 50% muscle which is more then good to me… id much much rather hit the 20+ mark as far as muscle but ill take what i can get…

now i saw u say somthing about volume, what was that refering to?

The higher volume you do in you’re workout the more potential you will have to grow when recovering. Although, the higher the volume, the more you will need to eat, the longer you will need to sleep. If you overdo volume training, let it be a warning you will not recover in time for your next training session, thus will be detrimental. So eat big, very big, and pick one of the high volume training articles like Waterbury’s 10x3 (str and size) or German 10x10 (size).

Have two breakfasts. Have two dinners. Bring fruit from home and snack on it in between class. If this works for you.
Change your milk to low fat milk and have twice as much.

Cheap food for example -
Oatmeal/porriage (carbs and protein) a few dollars a kg
Eggs (fat and protein) 25c each, raw for afternoon tea, cooked for lunch.
Tubs of peanut-butter, eat it straight when no one is looking.
You can bulk buy you’re protein powder in 20kg lots to cut the price.

i was looking at the 10x3 but theartical states its ment for weight loss, not gain?

now idk if im reading the right artical, can some one send me a link to it…

also what about a 10x5? aby ideas

keep reading Articles on this site. Learn to use the search function. As for lineman, since I played, focus on getting quicker and improving your technique because if you simply get fatter it will NOT help your recruiting I promise.

[quote]GetSwole wrote:
keep reading Articles on this site. Learn to use the search function. As for lineman, since I played, focus on getting quicker and improving your technique because if you simply get fatter it will NOT help your recruiting I promise.[/quote]

i dont know why you would assume that im slow, and/or have poor technique… we run a spread offense and ive been playing varsity for two (going on three years) im 6’3 i weight 240 ish and my forty is a 5.4…

i have great footwork as far as pass blocking, sure i can admit im not a great run blocker and i know thats somthing i need to work on but if i wana go all league, all chsaa, all island, make the senior bowl, and get recruted its simple, i need more size. and if you read the artical (not to be disrespectfull) i pointed out i wanted more muscle then fat.

and also (not to be disrespectfull once more) this artical was posted in order to get diet, and traning advice AS TO GAIN WEIGHT/MUSCLE MASS/AND STRENGTH… NOT TO BE COACHED ON MY FOOTBALL TECHNIQUE… that is why i have coaches, and i attend football camps all acrossed the island.

now if you have somthing to say as far as diet and workout to help me acess and achieve my goal please feel free to post.

you sound like a beginner.

others have given you good advice about food. fwiw, cottage cheese, milk, and tuna will help a lot in getting your protein.

what are you doing in the weightroom at this point? are you in off season with the coaches in an athletic period @ school? Does your school have a powerlifting team? If so join it.

Bill Starr’s 5x5 has made a lot of good football players better, as has Rippetoe’s Starting Strength.

Big money exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, OH Press, Rows and Bench. (Can you do a chin up?) If you know how to Power Clean or how to do other Olympic Lifts do them. A lot.

In my opinion you can make huge gains at your age if you work hard. Big weight gain is tough but now is the easiest time in your life to gain. The scale may not move much if you get into this, but your BF% sounds high, so as you gain muscle you may lose fat and gain muscle but not gain as much weight on the scale.

Others with more knowledge might help you out if you seem…a bit less snide. Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

Since protein is ingested at all meals, it should be evenly divided. For example, if you consume 330g of protein per day, you should aim for 6 meals of 55g each.

Fat is ingested in 3 of the 6 meals and it should be equally divided among them. So if you have to consume 100g of fat, this comes up to 33g of fat in each of the 3 meals.

Carbohydrates are also ingested in 3 meals. About 50% of your carb intake should be consumed immediately post-workout, 25% in the morning and 25% around 60-90 minutes post-workout. So if you have to ingest 250g of carbohydrates per day, it comes up to 125g post-workout, 75g in the morning, and 75g about 60-90 minutes post-workout.

try to go for around 350g protein/350g carbs/150g fat

after that you can change it on your own. if you feel tired(havent recovered yet) then eat more protein. if you feel you dont have enough energy, get more carbs.

try to get complex carbs(whole wheat pasta or whole wheat rice… AKA brown rice) before workout, try to get sugar carbs RIGHT after workout(i drink chocolate milk)+some protein shake.

in the morning try to get more normal carbs than sugar carbs. get your sugar carbs in the morning from an apple and all bran cereal or oatmeal.

get 33% of the fat from meat, 33% from olive oil, and 33% from almonds or stuff like that.

and eat lots of veggies, they barely got protein/carbs/fat but give you stuff you need so eat them, specially spinach