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Need to Postpone a Workout


currently my workout schedule looks like that:

mon on
tue off
wed on
thur off
fri on
sat off
sun off

this week i have to take care of some business issues and i cant workout on wednesday. so would it be okay if I do wednesday workout on thursday and friday workout on saturday? and next week back to normal schedule. or is it better to simply do wednesday workout on thursday? or am I ovethinking this x.x ?stupid me


I am going to assume you are serious and give you the simple answer of YES.

There is no problem with that.


Do thursday-saturday.

You are overthinking this. The basic principle is work out hard, recover then as soon as possible work out again hard. The more weight you add on the bar the more time you will need to recover. This is one of the reasons that I believe when someone is starting out with starting strength or 5x5 or something like that and they are only starting with the bar adding 5-10lbs per workout they should work out every day for the first 1-2 weeks and then when the weight is challenging switch to every other day (or 3 times per week).


thanks you guys!




You can always do like I do, and not base your routine around the arbitrary week.

Something like 3 on 2 off or 2 on 1 off or even 1 on 1 off is much better for people with hectic schedules in my opinion. There is nothing magical about a 7 day rotation.


no need to overthink, you won't die if you change one day of training.