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Need to Pinpoint Squat Weak Point, Help!

I have a weak link in my squat. My stiff leg deadlift is the same as my squat (160kg) Deadlift 170 (sumo style) and my Front Sqaut is 110Kg. My squat is down from 180 after a layoff. My bench jumped straight back to 130. When I do explosive training I get this wierd cutout feeling in the hole, like something is not firing.
Q1; Could my glute ham erector chain be firing in the wrong order, if so why is my Stiff leg dead as strong?
Q2; Are my erectors weak, if so why are my deads so strong?
Q3; Could I be undertraining my quads, hence mild knee problems?
To MBE & Co, the hole I was referring to was the bottom of the squat, not mine, although I do a quick check behind the squat rack for old guys offering free oil aenemas :wink:


depends on how you squat. if you do a powerlifting style wide squat then quads are rarely a weakness.

If you’re loosing it in the bottom, have your Psoas (hip flexors) stretched and see if that corrects your problem. Without looking at your squat, it sounds like your glutes are what’s weak if you feel weak in the bottom.

If your Psoas is too tight, then you won’t be able to recruit your glutes in the bottom portion of the lift. Your Front squat is likely so strong in comparison to your back squat becasue the upright position allows you to relax your hip flexors and contract your glutes.

Your quads aren’t weak. Neither are your hamstrings. If that were the case, then your back squat would be much stronger in comparison to your deadlift and front squat. In your case, it’s the opposite.

With regard to Sumo deadlifting, I imagine that you extend your knees and then your hips, like a romanian deadlift and less like a true squatting motion. If that’s the case, lighten up on the weight and keep you glutes “tucked under” and use a squatting motion to lift the weight. That will strengthen your glutes.